Kim Kardashian Shoves Off the Haters with Tweets

Being a celebrity can be tough. People are always watching your every move and scrutinizing every little detail. Kim Kardashian is no outsider to these feelings. With another baby on the way, the world’s eyes just seem to be on her body.

“She’s too thin to be pregnant!”

“She’s so fat for just a few months pregnant!”

“Is this all just a scandal to get money? She looks different everyday!”

But does no one ever stop to think about how she feels? Kim took to her twitter page to dispel any criticism that people have against her.

Kim Kardashian Shoves Off the Haters with Tweets 1

Kim continued with a lineup of tweets, all discussing how she loves her body no matter what and how blessed she is to be pregnant.
Kim Kardashian Shoves Off the Haters with Tweets 3

Not many people could handle a situation like this as well as Kim did. She not only smashed any opinion that anyone else had on her body, but she gave a boost of confidence to all of her followers that they shouldn’t take anything from anyone. Some people call it vain, some people call it narcissistic, but Kim is happy in who she is and what she looks like. That’s all anyone ever needs.



Written by Stefania Gonzalez

Writing enthusiast. I sometimes dabble on the twitter: @_stefaniamg