Fashion Feature: Kim Kardashian’s new hair

Kim Kardashian’s new hair-do is like Marmite- you either love it or you hate it. I must admit I like marmite every now and then, but this new style is definitely not one of Kimmy’s best looks. From full blown brown to sunshine platinum blonde was a rather risky move. I can’t be the only one feeling this, can I?

After baby North, Mrs West’s style seems to have taken a turn for the worst, after not gaining any baby weight and keeping her figure in tip-top condition you would have thought she was super woman, but unfortunately for Kim one of her areas of expertise seems to have slipped. Her stylist has been selecting the more provocative and inappropriate of outfits, definitely avoiding the ‘soccer-mom’ look.

‘Who is this mystery stylist, someone needs a talking to!’ Oh we hear you loud and clear…

Well… Mr and Mrs Kanye West seem to be playing a bit of dress-up – similar to the Kim Kardashian dress up game, in fact it appears that in a recent interview, Mrs West shared that her hubby is ‘my best stylist’ (even though this sounds like a compliment Kanye, it really isn’t!) Even after being referred to as the main character from Beetlejuice, because of her ghastly ‘pinstripe shirt and nan-cardigan’ combination, Kim still has her heart set on the outfits ‘hubby’ West chooses each morning.

The celeb was also snapped at the GQ Awards later last year wearing what looks like silver metal armour- yes you got it- another one of Kanye’s creations, apparently sleeves and anything that involves coverage of certain areas is a big no-no in his eyes. Travelling back to September 2014, Kim was spotted all boobs-blazing in Paris wearing just a feather skirt and blazer. Similarly, this year she was ‘papped’ in a pink mesh dress and no bra combo…I thought that was the first thing you put on in the morning? Can you see the pattern occurring here?

Considering the negatives, these outfits were definitely improved by her flawless brown locks. Worn either straight or curly, the brown complimented many colours and many styles which allowed her to get away with Kanye’s inventions. However, now that her hair as well as her fashion, has been taken over by the over-powering husband the whole look has tumbled; after seeing Kim in leather criss-crosses and S&M corset tops… I believe it is time to bring back the experts – sorry Kanye.

Now, I am not the expert or think of myself as Queen B of the fashion world; for one I would be far too scared to show Kim Kardashian my style choices. However, I find it enjoyable flicking through weekly magazines and stumbling across outfits Kim Kardashian, Michele Keegan and Victoria Beckham are wearing which is why I would rather not see stomach clenching leather leotards on every page. As I flick through magazines jaw-dropped, cringing at the price tags, I find myself thinking ‘OMG!’ ‘WOW!’ to all high street and runway snaps knowing deep down that I could never pull off such an outfit. I do praise them for these inspirations though; otherwise there would be nothing ambitious to dream about…


Written by Maeve Jarret.

Written by CelebMix