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Kingdom’s Third Season Starring Nick Jonas Gets A Premiere Date

It literally feels like years have passed since we last sat down to watch an episode of Kingdom or as we like to call it, that insanely good show on DirecTV that’s about fighting and Nick Jonas’ muscles… Since the show’s second season ended in 2016, we’re pretty sure that we have been suffering from some serious withdrawal symptoms so we’re pleased to be able to reveal that a May premiere date for the upcoming third season has finally been announced.

At the end of Kingdom’s second season; fighter Ryan re-claimed his belt and title from Jay who had a pretty rough few weeks following the death of his girlfriend, Nate came out to his brother Jay while he was lying in a hospital bed after the fight, Lisa was still struggling with the loss of her and Alvey’s unborn child, and Christina began taking important steps to fixing her strained relationships with her sons. Now hey, we never said that this show was easy to watch. In fact, we think that it is one of the most intense shows on television right now but we still love it and at this point we’re far too attached to the characters to let it go.

The cast of Kingdom as well as the show’s creator Byron Balasco appeared at the Television Critics Association press tour yesterday to reveal that the third season of the show will begin at 8pm ET on 31st May exclusively on DirecTV‘s Audience Network.

All of the original cast are set to reprise their roles in the upcoming third season so we can expect to see a lot more truly brilliant and highly emotional scenes from stars Frank Grillo, Joanna Going, Matt Lauria, Kiele Sanchez, Jonathan Tucker, and Nick Jonas, as well as new addition Kirk Acevedo who will have a recurring role in the series as an ex-fighter slash new coach at the Navy St. gym.

During their appearance at the Television Critics Association press tour, the cast revealed that when the fighting drama returns in May there will be a big time jump from where the last season ended. At this time jump, viewers will realise that there have been some huge changes in the relationships and dynamics between the characters.

We’re so excited that we can barely contain ourselves. We have so many questions that we need to be answered! Will Ryan and Jay have another fight? Will anyone else discover Nate’s secret? Is Jay really okay with Nate’s coming out or is he hiding something? Will Lisa be okay? Will she manage to patch things up with Alvey? What is going on with Alvey? Will Christina stay clean? How many times are we allowed to pause the television on Nick Jonas’ muscles before we are called crazy?

Have we found a way to speed up time yet so that 31st May can come around quicker?

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Written by Zoe Adams

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