Kristen Bell to Help Teachers Improve Schooling Systems

Celebrities always remain as the most gossiped beings in the world. Most are talked about favorably. But this particular celebrity has won the hearts of almost everybody on this planet the rest being people living under a rock or those who don’t know how to appreciate a beautiful soul!

Yes, you heard it right! Kirsten Bell has been taking over the world with her kind gestures toward the most giving group on the planet that are teachers. These teachers have been supplying their students with quality education without quality resources.

With her powerful presence and the use of technology, she has so far been able to influence millions of her followers and fans on Instagram to provide for these humble beings. Thankfully to her, the teachers who had posited about the conditions of their academic areas received tons of supplies in just a short time after their posts were copied and pasted on the celebrity’s feed. And the awarding hashtag was, #featureteacherfriday

Pictures of happy and satisfied educators would have been rewarding enough for her for this act of kindness, but she also went and received appreciations from fans and fellow celebrities. She also won awards like the Cybersmiler of the month in November.

The lucky teachers that got to appear on the celebrity’s Insta for the past six months all ended up bombarded with gifts and supplies for their schooling needs as was posted by them. It is a given that they will never forget this kind gesture of the star and the kids they teach now will also grow up reminded who supported them to study. These kids were some without stable financial backups or with certain disabilities that are now attaining the most important thing from their lives that is education.

Kristen Bell is a star known for her roles in the best sellers, Bad Moms and When In Rome and several popular voice-overs including Frozen. She is always seen supporting a good cause or doing a kind notion to someone. She had adapted to becoming a vegan in the past and spread awareness to prevent people from hurting animals. This year she and her husband introduced a brand of baby food that is plant-based. This is a different and healthy approach for infants to eat and adjust to a plant diet to grow up following it.

She has tremendous love for animals as she is always seen supporting different animal protection centers that prevent them from harm and provide shelter and food. The owner of numerous pets, including three dogs, also backs Woodward Animal Centre that is a place for homeless animals to be cared for. Aside from that, the celebrity is also seen at various fundraisers for animal organizations.

Let’s not forget about the time she supported Barack Obama through his presidential campaign. Also, when she stood with the gay community by delaying her marriage with her husband before the same-sex marriage legalized and even supported the Writer’s Guild in 2007.

Call to Action

We read in this article how one person was able to influence millions to support teachers of different areas with lesser resources to improve schools. If you’re a teacher too and don’t have means, you can get help from this particular generous celebrity. And if you now have or have had resources, then this is the chance for you to contribute to society by providing quality education to your students as many aren’t able to. 

Aside from using these resources, you can introduce other mediums to help teach your peers about how to procure a successful life when they become adults. Technology instruments like wiki, grammar check, document creating and sharing softwares, networking and student and teacher interacting sites should also be provided to the students. These tools will not only increase their academic efficiencies but also deliver them knowledge on how to operate technology around which the world is revolving today.

Written by Monella