Kylie Jenner is Called out over Faulty Products

If you’ve scrolled through Twitter at all in the past few months, you’ve probably come across at least one tweet about Kylie Jenner’s line of lip products.

From people snapping pictures of the makeup the moment it arrives on their doorstep, to Jenner fans complaining about how their favorite shade sold out before they could hit “confirm order,” it’s pretty clear that Kylie has a good thing going for her.

Kylie’s lip kits have become one of the fastest selling and most sought after makeup products to date, with demand so high that products often sell out within minutes of their release. From the looks of the online reviews, it seems that customers have been left quite impressed.

However, one well known makeup artist used his voice to speak up about an issue that hadn’t been getting the attention it should have been.

At first, most thought this was a one time occurrence, but soon, Jeffree Star began retweeting responses from consumers who had come across the same issue with their product.

Obviously, new businesses run into small issues at the start, so a few defective wands shouldn’t be too big of a deal. We would hope that these customers would be able to contact the manufacturer, Kylie Cosmetics, and have the problem resolved. But that isn’t what happened.

A majority of the people responding to Star’s tweet said they had attempted get in touch with customer service to get their lip kits replaced, but they had little to no luck. Emails weren’t answered, excuses were made, and buyers were left with faulty wands.

So Star, who has a makeup line himself, decided that this was unacceptable, and used his voice to raise awareness about the situation.

He went on to say that the average customer often gets ignored by large corporations, but he hoped that by speaking up, he might be able to bring about a change.

His plan worked. Not even two days later, Kylie responded to the customer complaints herself on the @kyliecosmetics twitter, saying that all customers who ordered faulty products would be receiving new wands.

Star went on one more quick Twitter spree after this good news broke, calling it “ironic” that it took someone with status as high as his to get a statement from Kylie. He did, however, end his rant on a positive note, and Kylie took it upon herself to respond.

We’re definitely happy these two worked out their issues, and we’re even happier that Kylie is taking steps to improve her product and customer service.

Have you purchased any of Kylie’s products? Do you plan to, even after the issues buyers have run into? Let us know in the comments or tweet us at @CelebMix.

Written by CelebMix