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Kym Marsh reveals stalker hell

Kym Marsh has announced that her life has been made hell by an obsessed online stalker who has been impersonating her for the past seven years.

The former Hear’Say singer revealed that the mystery stalker had even found out where she lives and posted photos of her family home online. She was horrified to discover that fake Twitter accounts had been set up in her and her childrens’ names.

The online impersonator even tricked people into believing that the actress wanted to date them.

“It’s really scary to think there is someone out there pretending to be me and my children and who could be dangerous,” Kym told the Sun on Sunday.

“What this person is doing is just wrong and it’s not fair to me or my children.”

The 39-year-old Coronation Street star only discovered last month that she was a target when an admirer sent a giant bouquet of flowers along with a note saying: “Sorry you couldn’t make our date,” just before Coronation Street’s live episode. It turned out that the flowers were from a man who was tricked into thinking he had been talking to her on social media since 2008.

After a second bouquet was sent directly to her home address, Kym contacted the police but officers told the mum-of-three, that there was nothing they could do as she wasn’t in imminent danger.

Kym told the Sun on Sunday: “I was shocked when I was told trying to take over my life wasn’t a crime. I really think the law should be changed.”

“The thought that someone pretending to be me or my children may be persuading people to try and meet up with them horrifies me,” she said.

“I’m speaking out because people need to know to be careful online and that the person they think they are talking to may not be that person.

“It’s even more important for parents to know what their children are up to online and make sure they know they are talking to genuine people.”

Kym is in regular contact with Facebook and Twitter to complain about fake accounts but says after one fake account is taken down, another will spring up.

Written by CelebMix