Labyrinth Sequel Confirmed

It has been announced that there will be a new Labyrinth spin-off feature film.

Labyrinth, released in 1986, was an adventure/musical fantasy film.

The movie told the story of a young girls quest to reach the center of an enormous, otherworldly maze to rescue her infant brother.

Labyrinth was directed by Jim Henderson and Executive Produced by George Lucas, and starred Jennifer Connelly and the late David Bowie.

It has been reported that that Fede Alvarez will direct the new film, and Jay Basu will write the script once the the pair have finished working on the upcoming ‘Dragon Tattoo’ sequel ‘The Girl In The Spider’s Web’.

Alvarez said of the original Labyrinth movie “Labyrinth is one of the seminal movies from my childhood that made me fall in love with filmmaking.”

“I couldn’t be more thrilled to expand on Jim Henson’s mesmerising universe, and take a new generation of moviegoers back into the Labyrinth.”

Lisa Henson, the daughter of Jim and CEO of the Jim Henson Company, will produce the movie, which insiders say will be “not a remake nor a reboot but rather a continuation of the story.”

Reports suggest that the film will begin shooting in the Autumn.

Often dismissed as a box office flop after it’s cinematic release in 1986, Labyrinth found a wider audience once released on home video and has since become regarded as cult classic.

The original film was inspired by the Maurice Sendak children’s book ‘Outside Over There’, which was itself inspired by the real-life kidnapping of aviator Charles Lindbergh’s infant son.

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Written by Philip Logan

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