Lady Gaga Enigma – A Real Treat for Fans

Once again Lady Gaga at her top form, out to surprise us and in that respect, she has come forth with quite a blend of the discography.

It is loud, it is colorful, it is Lady Gaga in all her glory as she turns heads for what could be termed her loudest show ever.

For the premiere, which took place on December 28, Lady Gaga was joined by none other than Bradley Cooper as together they gave a duet performance that was as wonderful as it was haunting to the extent that Gaga herself broke down in tears afterward. It is the first time ever for these two icons to perform together and it was a surprise for fans.

Quoting entertainment weekly – it was bizarre and beautiful – and has even had some fans mention that her last tour – Joanne – look almost dull in comparison.

The Lady Gaga Enigma concert is her biggest production to date, and she has gone out of her way to supply it the loudest, most choreographed songs. Needless to say, heads are turning, feet are beating to the rhythm that she is usually known for. In addition to that, this seems to be her best.

Of course, she has gone out of her way in terms of costumes, colors, makeup, technology, and to top it all she was seen descending to the theater in a glamor that is even too much even for her. Imagine seeing this star who is known for her unforgettable costumes and shows, descend to the stage looking like nothing less than a cyborg – yes, that is right – a cyborg, silver hair -a keytar-playing Cyborg.

You have to see it live to get the full experience, and in that respect, celebrities, family, and friends were there to see her and could not help but join in the fun that she is known for! Some of them are, Meryl Streep, Jenifer Lopez, Celine Dion, and so many others. And, that is where Bradley Cooper was before joining her on-stage. Also, present and participating in the fun, was none other than Gaga’s Mother herself!

Still, no one does it better when it comes to glamor, and all the other breathtaking, eye-catching that is what Gaga has always been. For that first show on Friday the 28th, Lady Gaga was on the stage for more than two hours, during which she performed 21 songs!

Some of the songs were fan favorites like – Bad Romance, Poker Face, Just Dance, Born This Way – among others.

The concert is not to be missed, and as Lady Gaga tickets for Vegas are selling out so fast, it is advisable to grab a ticket before they are all gone! Those of you who will quickly comment that the show is still going to run till November 2019, yes, tickets for that far away date are running out now.

Dates for the coming shows as well as tickets are available online, get that ticket and put it in your pocket – you don’t want to miss such a monumental show.

Written by CelebMix