Has Lady Gaga landed a role in The Incredibles 2?

Lady Gaga could be a surprise star in the upcoming Incredibles sequel if internet rumours are to be believed.

According to one Instagram account, Lady Gaga is set to voice the character of Mirage in the upcoming movie, which is set to be released in the United States this summer.


Although we were initially quick to question the legitimacy of the Instagram post, a few recent reports all add up – and we’re super excited to watch the movie in June to see whether it’s true.

Gaga was listed as part of the cast when searching for The Incredibles 2 just a couple of weeks ago, and the original actress who voiced Mirage in the movie died back in 2014 due to health issues.

And, thanks to Gaga’s stint on American Horror Story as The Countess, we’re sure she could pull off the voice of Mirage and add another blockbuster movie to her resume.

Gaga is, of course, set to make history later this year, when she appears alongside Bradley Cooper in the remake of A Star is Born.

The film was pushed forward to a May release, but will now be released in October in the United States. The movie will be released alongside an album full of new songs, many of which will be performed by Gaga herself.

What are your thoughts? Do you think Gaga is part of the new Incredibles movie? Let us know on Twitter using @CelebMix, and check back soon for an update when we get confirmation from Disney.

Written by Jack