Lady Gaga pays tribute to David Bowie at Grammys 2016

Lady Gaga is known for her bold fashion statements and tributes to artists who have influenced her career. Most recently, at the 2016 Grammy Awards, Gaga paid tribute to David Bowie. Bowie sadly passed away last month at the age of 69.

Lady Gaga stole the show when she stepped onto the Grammy’s red carpet last night. Gaga wore a royal blue Marc Jacobs V neck, floor length coat which was inspired by Bowie’s persona, Ziggy Stardust and his suit in the Life on Mars music video. The coat had an elegant crotch high split to reveal a gold and royal blue sequin body suit underneath. The coat had a train that trailed behind Gaga as she walked the red carpet, with beautiful bronze, gold and silver embellishments all over the coat.

To tie her red carpet outfit together, Gaga wore red platform, ankle strap, stilettos inspired by a line in Bowie’s song Let’s Dance, which she later posted to her Instagram page.

“Put on your red shoes and dance the blues”

Gaga’s make-up was flawless. She wore a neutral lipstick, glowing pink cheek contour and a bold, beautifully blue smokey eye which was highlighted with gemstones. To top her Ziggy Stardust look off, she also wore a waist length fiery orange wig.

Gaga not only attended the Grammy’s as a nominee, she also attended to perform a medley tribute to the late David Bowie. Singing, in order of performance, Bowie’s Space Oddity, Changes, Ziggy Stardust, Suffragette City, Rebel Rebel, Fashion, Fame, Let’s Dance and finally, Heroes as her closing number.

Space Oddity opened with visual effects displaying Bowie’s famous lightening bolt make-up onto Gaga’s face, and then Gaga bursts onto stage dressed in a white cape singing the chorus to Changes. While singing Changes, two of her dancers stood either side of her, pulling off her cape to reveal her newest Bowie outfit, a white suit embellished with silver gems and sequins, with a shoulder length bright orange wig with a pink feather boa.

The David Bowie tribute was a visual effects spectacular, with a big display screen behind the stage featuring different backgrounds to enhance each performance and Lady Gaga busting a move through singing amongst her dancers.

You can watch Gaga’s Grammys performance here.

Lady Gaga’s make-up for the performance consisted of neutral lips, pink blush contour, silver sequins on her forehead and a stunning bold blue smokey eye similar to her first tribute outfit of the evening, minus the eye sequins.

Gaga recently got a tattoo of Bowie as Ziggy Stardust on her ribcage to honour the artist. The image tattooed on her body is Bowie’s famous Aladdin Sane album cover with lightning bolt make-up.

While Lady Gaga did not win her nomination for Song Written for Visual Media with Til It Happens to You, she has definitely won a place in our heart for effort in her tribute performance.

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Written by CelebMix