Lamar Odom’s Condition is Improving

It’s good news for Lamar Odom and the Kardashian clan as Lamar’s wife Khloe spoke with Extra and gave a positive update on his health condition after he was recently found at the Love Ranch brothel in Nevada.  Lamar was found unresponsive at the brothel in October and for days his condition was critical – family surrounding his bedside hoping for the best but expecting the worst.

In a world where miracles happen, it seems Lamar got one as his condition slowly began to improve and while he’s still got a long way to go; Lamar is doing much better than anyone expected him to be – and it looks like he’s finally in the clear.

Khloe said of Lamar’s health:

“Every day is better. He’s off of all machines. … He is alive on his own, and no machines are helping him, which is great, but he still has a lot of physical and cognitive therapy to go through, so it’s a long road for him,” she said. “Every day is different. Some days he’s really strong, and some days he’s weaker than the day before ’cause it’s mentally draining, I’m sure, on him.”

Coming from the state he was found in – this is a huge improvement in a very small window of time.

While speculation remains about what was in Lamar’s system during his stay at the brothel or what he took before he got there – the truth remains that Lamar had struggled with substance/alcohol abuse in the past.  He spoke of himself saying he’d made a few mistakes in the past and would likely make more – hopefully just not as big.

The sad truth is – with celebrities and athletes alike – there is a stigma around substance abuse and known alcoholics.  Most people look at celebrities under microscopes and their every move has to be calculated or it may seem like they’re falling apart at the seams.  It is hard to be in the spotlight all the time even with no skeletons or demons for yourself to battle.  Add in addiction, depression, anxiety, or problems coping with life to an already busy and publicized celebrity life and you’ve got a recipe for disaster, especially when pleas for help are scrutinized too.

Substance abuse is almost never as simple as just substance abuse and alcoholism is almost never just as simple as alcoholism – these usually stem from deeper rooted issues as methods of coping.

While the public may never know, and honestly don’t need to – what caused Lamar to be found unconscious and what’s behind the times he’s fallen victim to his addiction – what should be given to him and any other celebrity that begins to struggle with addiction – is privacy.

We hope Lamar’s condition continues to improve and that the people who are helping him through this difficult time have the strength to keep themselves and Lamar doing well.


Written by Ashley

Writer, coffee drinker, mother.