Lane Kim Reminds Us the Gilmore Girls Revival is Really Happening

Thanks to Keiko Agena, who plays Rory’s beloved BFF Lane Kim, we’ve been given a glorious glimpse into the Gilmore Girls revival.

In October of 2015, it was officially confirmed that everyone’s favourite mother-daughter duo would be returning to TV screens for a final season of Gilmore Girls (produced by Netflix). This exciting announcement left Gilmore Girls fans reeling, crying, and wondering who would make an appearance in the reboot (Logan, we’re looking at you).  Lauren Graham and Alexis Bledel have stayed pretty tight lipped on the subject, so thanks Keiko!

Agena recently posted a photo of herself on Instagram with the real life Lane Kim aka Helen Pai. Pai, who was a childhood friend of Amy Sherman Palladino the series creator, inspired the character of Lane. Agena even revealed that Hep Alien, Lane’s band name on the show, is actually an anagram of Pai’s name. That’s almost too much for us to handle! To keep the excitement rolling, Agena posted another selfie but this time with Amy Sherman Palladino.


The seventh season of Gilmore Girls ended in 2007 and didn’t actually involve Amy Sherman Palladino. This revival however, will involve her and is rumored to start shooting sometime this year. These Instagram posts are definitely the evidence we needed to start a Gilmore Girls re-watch project ASAP.

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Written by CelebMix