Larry Stylinson Didn’t Kill One Direction; it’s Far From Over

Chances are – you’ve seen an article going around about Larry Stylinson being the “Downfall of One Direction”.  Though the writer’s personal tweet didn’t get much attention – it was spread to One Direction fans and that’s where it began to be heavily noticed.  In a storm of articles that are meant to blame anyone but One Direction’s faulty team for their hiatus, this just adds fuel to anyone thinking fans are silly for believing the boys when they say they’ll be back.

Not even a few sentences in the writer quotes the word “hiatus” after saying One Direction are headed for a split.  Not only spitting in the faces of fans, but the boys themselves who have given their word time and time again that this is a temporary thing, a break that they deserve.  She shows from the beginning that she’s got no respect for Harry, Louis, Niall, and Liam which sets the tone for the rest of her piece to be just as disrespectful.

She begins by saying that the boys lives have been too stressful to provide them with enough sanity to continue and that the average boy band shelf life is about over for Louis, Harry, Liam, and Niall.  She brings up articles written about Liam’s panic attack before a concert and Louis trashing a hotel room – both which have been debunked already and proven to be pieces of poorly written fan fiction by “journalists” who desire to trash the names of any of the band members they can while they’ve still got time.

She goes on to say that they’ve played the pity card since Zayn’s departure from One Direction so that when the boys never return fans will feel sorry for them instead of feeling anger over a clear abandonment.

Thus further proving that she’s given no weight to the promises the boys have made and has done nothing but be a side line fan who probably gathers most of her information from The Sun.

We know how well that works, now don’t we?


The writer continues by noting that The Sun has had many One Direction exclusives as of late.  What she fails to mention is the lack of validity behind these “exclusives”.  She also insinuates that fans have no real say in who the boys are by remarking that The Sun holds more value than social media claims since “day dot”.

She really thinks that The Sun is a valuable news outlet – I don’t know if I should laugh or feel sorry for her at this point.

It’s then said that fans created Larry because the boys lyrics are secretly harmful to young women so instead of being the “ugly girl that the boys will still love” they’ve warped their minds and spun it so that there is a hidden romance between two “totally straight” men so that the songs have meaning and validity once again.  OH! And if fans think there’s a romance blossoming between Harry and Louis then they have some ground to stand on in the gay rights movement.

I’m sorry…what?

She also mentions the denials made Louis and Liam that do nothing but ‘fuel more insane ideas that the boys are in a hidden romance’.  She states that Louis has gone on many rants about Larry being untrue and brings up an interview where he states he is in a relationship with Eleanor.

One Direction fans are all aware of that.  Fans were there for it, they saw the rant on twitter, they saw the interview where Louis brought up his relationship with Eleanor, and they saw @Louis_Tomlinson say that he was “in fact straight”.

Fans don’t deny any of that, what they do is bring up the other instances of what they believe supports the notion of Harry and Louis being together.

For instance – Harry confirming that he and Louis were dating.  He nodded yes to a fan when she asked, he admitted that his first real crush was Louis Tomlinson, and if you’ve seen an interview where the two were allowed to interact, been to a concert where they did lyric changes, or seen gifs from ANY given show – you’ve seen the heart eyes Harry gives to Louis, and you see Louis give them back.

However fans are considered crazy for noticing an unspoken bond between two people – it’s a fate that people who believe in Larry are well aware of.  The word “delusional” worn by fans almost as a medal of honor – they have survived countless attacks, been given hate from friends and strangers alike and true to the heart of lovers around the world – they still believe.

The thing is, it’s not hard to see why some people don’t believe in Larry, in fact, most fans who do will tell you the same thing.  It’s not something fans ashamed to admit, and Larry “believers” don’t hate anyone who doesn’t see the connection between Harry and Louis.

The problem doesn’t like within a separation of fan bases.  The problem lies in destroying the boys image to prove that Larry ISN’T real.

Harry was made out to be a womanizer, lothario, lover of women twice his age.  He was taken from the time he was young and put into situations that made him appear to take advantage of women all because he had a taste of fame and knew he could.  Sweet Harry was turned into a shell of a man who acted on his lust filled desires.

Louis was turned into a voiceless shell of himself during the duration of his relationship with Eleanor.  A once vibrant, flamboyant young man was ridiculed until his mannerisms changed, he poured out romantic sentiments to a girlfriend (all while telling Harry that he was always in his heart) and as of late is the ‘father to be’ of a one night stand with a failed stylist in LA.

These boys, these innocent young men who set out to chase a dream were turned into two growing adolescents that the media could prey on.

It is disgusting.

It’s horrible.

It’s heartbreaking.

The writer wraps by bringing up her most awful claim yet and truly shows her true colors by her ridiculous idea that Harry went along with the idea of “Larry Stylinson” just to annoy Louis.  Thus insinuating that Harry would toy with emotions of the LGBTQ+ community, it’s supporters, and fans of One Direction for some sick twisted pleasure.

Did she really have the audacity to go there? She did, and did so almost proudly.

This is ludicrous for many reasons.

One – Harry has a heart of gold and his support for love – all love – has shown through him since he was young. He’s always been vocal about acceptance of all people regardless of who they love and has made it a goal, especially lately, to show that in as many ways as he can. Be it prancing on stage with a rainbow flag or wearing a rainbow bracelet or the instagram photos that were made in color showing support for legalized marriage in the US; his support is deeply routed in his heart, not out of a desire to piss off a band mate.

Two – Louis himself has shown support for the LGBTQ+ community, on a much smaller scale but that’s due to the pressure put on him after @Louis_Tomlinson made a couple ill mannered remarks. Louis, after Larry Stylinson, was made to be the boy who was annoyed by the “gay” side of the fandom and anything Larry related. He couldn’t speak out against these accusations made against him but he did find ways to show that he supports his fans, regardless of their sexual orientation or sexual preference too.

Neither Louis or Harry would go as far as to play with fan emotions, not for any reason.

The sad thing is – writers like this one are missing the bigger picture. Fans aren’t responsible for hurting One Direction.  It is the publicized lies, slander, defamation of character and blatant disregard for who these boys have proven to be that’s caused them harm.

If anything, articles like this one and the hundreds of others similar that are poured out onto online magazines and printed articles are what has caused stress to Liam, Niall, Louis, and Harry.

If anything; the boys are tired because they’ve had to live two lives for almost five years and they’re long overdue to just be themselves.  They’re sick of fighting just to exist as kind young men, they’re sick of being labeled drug users, womanizers, bad boys, party animals, etc.  They’re exhausted from trying to succeed in a world that’s waiting for them fail.

If you needed another reason to believe that the entire article was nothing more than an attempt to anger fans and alienate supporters of Harry and Louis; you can look through tweets that the writer herself as published about her true feelings regarding Louis Tomlinson and see where the fuel for her piece truly grew from.

Niall, Louis, Harry, and Liam are far from dead, they’re not broken and bent and falling apart at the seams.

They’re strong enough to say that they’ve had all they can take and it’s time for a moment to hit pause.

We’ll still be here lads, when you hit resume.

Written by Ashley

Writer, coffee drinker, mother.