Larry Stylinson: More Than Just The Most Reblogged ‘Ship’ of 2015

Recently, Tumblr named Larry Stylinson it’s most reblogged ‘ship’ of 2015 as part of it’s year end wrap up.  While the topic of Harry and Louis is still heavily debated in the One Direction fandom – some people absolutely in love with the idea of their love while others are appalled by the “accusations” of fans and the “delusion” of Larry Shippers – one thing is for sure: after 5 years of One Direction, the connection between Louis and Harry has never ceased to be a hot topic of conversation.

And you know what’s been said about rumors that don’t cease, now don’t you?

“When a rumor doesn’t go away, it’s not a rumor”

A very rich statement coming from a man who was also in the industry and closeted.  In 1976 Elton John sat down with Rolling Stone and gave an interview about his personal life, including his sexual preferences.

“I’ve never talked about this before,” he said. “I’m besexual. There’s nothing wrong with going to bed with somebody of your own sex.”

While Elton was right about that, the harsh truth of how close-minded the world can be reared it’s ugly head as his record sales plummeted after his ‘confession’.

When it was brought up that he’d never admitted it in print before, Elton simply replied with “Nobody’s had the balls to ask me about it before. I would have said something all along if someone had asked me.”  Elton said he wasn’t just going to spout off about his personal life and cover front pages of magazines for shoving his sexuality down the throats of people around him.  It seems like an honest answer but there’s also a safe assumption that he was a bit nervous to be so open about his sexuality, and it’s not hard to see why.

Sexuality is the last thing anyone should be judged for, but unfortunately, one of the first things we face criticism about.  There is a human spectrum, so many pieces of information, personality traits, etc. that make us who we are – and we are still harshly appraised by who we lie down with at night.  If you think it’s rough for non celebrities; think about how tough it has to be for people in the spot light – specifically two boys who are part of a world wide music sensation.

In a world where almost everything we’re shown from and regarding Louis, Harry, Liam, and Niall are things we’re meant to see for one reason or another; all shined up versions of different narratives we’re supposed to be reading; it’s easy to understand why – if their romance exists – it’s forced to be hidden.

Louis donated a large amount of his time, money, and compassion to various charities in his time with One Direction, namely in 2015 – but if you search his name in the media there is a stark contrast between the pieces written that showcase his large heart and the ones written that call him a “newly single party boy” who is now a “father-to-be with a random club girl”.  It’s sad in a way that cuts fans of Louis deeply because it was obvious that no matter what good he did this year; we were never meant to notice it for more than a moment before 10 rumors came out to distract us from his kindness.

The same is true with Harry; a man who devotes a large part of his life to the “less fortunate” although Harry would never see anyone as such – and what is he best known for?  His long locks, womanizer ways, and ability to make women swoon at the drop of a button on his lovely sheer shirts.  While his beauty is a sight and an incredible one at that; it’s always been used against him in an attempt to fuel rumors of his lothario ways and it’s never been appreciated for what it is, or for how that sparkle in his eyes and those dimples on his cheeks are showcased so clearly when he’s the happiest.

And when Louis Tomlinson is around.

It’s no secret that the loving look on Harry’s face when Louis is on the same continent, let alone in the same room, is one of the most beautiful looks that Harry has.  There is something exquisite about a person when they’re “in love”.  Their eyes glow, their smile is brighter, their skin even sort of looks more magnificent; being in love transforms who you are on the inside and on the out.  Harry has never been able to hide the fond look he gets when Louis does something silly, or says something outrageous, or even just sits about with his little grin doing absolutely nothing at all but somehow anchoring Harry to the ground at the same time he’s giving him wings to fly.

The dynamic between the two of them is impossible to deny – be it labeled as friendship or as something more – there has always been something about the two of them that made their relationship unique.

From the beginning of One Direction’s journey we saw Louis and Harry gravitate towards one another and the pull between the two of them never stopped, but it was heavily disguised as rumors of a budding romance between the two of them were sparked and the idea didn’t sit well with people behind the scenes.  There was one article published that makes a lot of people believe that, even if there is nothing going on now, Louis and Harry were involved during their early time together on The X-Factor.

The article said one of the contestants was temporarily sent home for “same sex action” and Louis was sent home although another publication claimed it was because he had to run away likely do to being overwhelmed.  Is it possible that the rumor would be true either way?  Yes, but let’s face it – Louis found comfort in Harry, it was the most obvious thing in the world to see, we doubt he felt the need to leave his side at all.

Another big X-Factor moment?  That very romantic first meal Louis cooked for a ‘girl’ that fit the exact description of the meal he cooked for Harry that Harry posted a photo of on twitter.

Things didn’t really slow down after that for One Direction as a band, nor did they for Louis and Harry, but what did seemingly set their relationship off it’s path was a series of events that led to Louis being in a relationship with Eleanor Calder and Harry being thrown into a lothario image; both which caused visible hurt to the boys.

This is when the growing up seemed less age related and more circumstance based; as if the boys weren’t evolving due to their getting older but changing because of a cardboard cut out image that they were being forced in to.

The saddest part is; they were images that the general public ate right up.  Previously flamboyant, constantly flirting with Harry, loud, fun Louis turned into tied down, straight laced, more quiet and reserved Louis with a lot of stress visibly wearing on his person.  Louis showed this in many ways from what seemed like media trained conversation and body language everywhere from in interviews to on stage, to withdrawing from Harry physically but looking at him longingly, and even episodes of dramatic weight loss which still pain the entire fan base to think about.  He went from being an open book to a boy that had so many things he wanted to say but was forced not to.

Young, doe eyed, in love with Louis, naive Harry turned into a more reserved version of himself.  He was able to be a bit more free, but with his freedom came rumors that linked him to every and any woman he came in contact with – frequently women quite his senior.  It became a running joke almost that Harry was into older women, but the humor was lost on Louis and Harry who hated the image Harry was forced to carry.  In one particular interview Harry shook his head and looked close to tears when he was asked if he was a womanizer.  This spoke volumes about his character as Harry was and is a young, beautiful young man – most people of his circumstance would use that to their advantage; Harry never wanted that – he just wanted to be able to love – and to love freely – the one who made his heart the happiest.

This is when fans began seeing the boys show their affection for one another in the only way they had left.  In a mix of a beautiful but painful attempt at communication; Louis and Harry began showing each other, and the world, that they weren’t giving up if they had a say in it.  Since their voices were silenced and they couldn’t speak their passion; they used their bodies as a canvas to paint a portrait of love.

Louis and Harry began to debut ink across their once fragile and untouched skin.  The tattoos seemed to link Harry to Louis and Louis back to Harry.  There was a rope and an anchor, a ship and a compass, an oops and a hi, a butterfly and a quote, an arrow and a heart, and most recently and perhaps the set that dares to speak the loudest; a rose and a dagger.

These tattoos brought together two people who had to live their lives close enough to touch without the ability to just reach a hand out and feel safe.

Aside from the tattoos; Louis and Harry seemed to come up with an entirely new way to communicate to one another when the cameras were on and they were set to act as people who had just “grown apart”.  They shared touches when they thought the cameras wouldn’t catch them, came up with sign language they used on stage, and sometimes they allowed their eyes to be open windows into their souls again – and the love they had for one another couldn’t be contained.  It has been and always will be absolutely electric when the two of them are together.

Harry and Louis taught us, through the trying times, that true love speaks so loudly on it’s own that words aren’t necessary to describe it.

In 2015 fans were told this was the year the dynamic between Harry and Louis would change; and although this wasn’t the first time fans were led by “mysterious” or “anonymous” hints and messages; it’s the first time it was as widely believed as it was.  The truth is, 2015 was full of just about every dark turn and twist for One Direction fans that they could imagine, plus a thousand they never thought they’d have to; but through that – one thing did start to progress – even if the steps towards the difference were so small sometimes it felt like there was no movement at all.

Louis and Harry began to acknowledge each other once again; almost as if their blinders were taken off and Harry was suddenly able to see Louis standing to his left.  We got photos of the two of them traveling together, clubbing together, and even stealing sneaky glances at one another during interviews and on stage again.  It was a small glow for those fans who had been waiting desperately for a sign of life between the two of them to light up once more.

2015 was also full of rumors, disgusting ones, against Louis Tomlinson.  After Zayn Malik left the band Louis was the next resident “bad boy” in line and he didn’t gracefully walk into the position.  He was thrown into character with force and everything around him crumbled fast; at least that’s how the public perceived it.

True fans of Louis saw him fighting behind the scenes, standing up against the rumors in the small ways that he could, and in the midst of everything from baby rumors to becoming One Direction’s new womanizer – fans got two beautiful explanations of true and everlasting love put breathtakingly to song.

Louis Tomlinson wrote Home and Harry Styles wrote If I Could Fly.

Home was hailed as a coming out song through the One Direction fan base and even outside of it.  The lyrics of the song started out with a gender specific pronoun

“there was something missing in her eyes”.

The song continued and spoke about a tale of stumbling through the dark until someone they’d been hoping to find said they felt the same.  Suddenly there was a glimmer of hope with a question of “could we ever be enough?” followed by a response of “baby we could be enough”.  The true beauty of the song comes in the next verse when what was missing in her eyes is found in the eyes of someone else.  Almost as if once they tried to feel a love with someone it was impossible to fall for; they opened their heart to a different kind of someone and realized the spark was there – and perhaps had been there all along.

Then, fans heard If I Could Fly which is a vulnerable love letter put to song.  The very beginning of the tune sets the stage for a true and honest sense of adoration;

“If I could fly, I’d be coming right back home to you
I think I might…give up everything just ask me to”

Harry looked at his life when he wrote this song and decided that if the right person asked, he’d give it up for them.  He went on to write about how he’d let his guard down – he was open and defenseless and it was “for your eyes only”.

It’s rumored that Home and If I Could Fly were written by Louis and Harry respectively when the two were apart from each other earlier in 2015.  If you consider that, plus the fact that Louis seems to have written a song about someone who “shouldn’t be” his home, actually being his home; and Harry writing a song about being deeply in love with someone and it being for their eyes only – you’ve got to see very obvious sign here.

While Louis was in a long term relationship with a girl he hardly ever smiled with, or looked at home with…and Harry was never linked to a woman for more than a couple months at a time – they sure do know about honest, pure, conquers every obstacle in it’s way love.

Fans of Larry Stylinson also pose a valid argument when they question why anyone who calls themselves a fan of Harry would want to believe that he passes off women as soon as the sun shines in spring instead of loving a boy he got to grow up with.  They question why people would trust that Louis was an irresponsible father to be who suddenly can’t leave a club instead of going home to the same boy with beautiful eyes and curls he’s seen almost every day for the last five years.

Why is it more acceptable to believe in the negative and horrible things said about both Louis and Harry – as long as those things make them appear to be straight – than it is to believe in things that would lead you to believe that they really may have been in love for the last five years?  And if they have been together they have not only loved; they’ve fought, they’ve silenced their hearts and their affection to save face with their fans because it’s what they were told to do, and they’ve hurt within themselves and each other for having to deny the true love that makes each of them strong.

Many things between Harry and Louis could be explained away; some of the big “proofs” that people believe ‘Larries’ use to justify Louis and Harry’s relationship are actually meaningless to those who see what exists between them.  What can’t be changed, altered, or made to look like anything it’s not is that when Louis looks at Harry – he sees his home.  Louis looks at Harry and sees safety, solace, comfort, and love.  Louis looks at Harry and sees a man standing in front of him where a boy stood years before, one with longer curls, a deeper voice, and a smile that still makes his entire world turn.

What can’t be written away, ‘exposed’, or made to be of lesser value is the way that when Harry looks at Louis – he sees the one person who makes it all okay.  When Harry sees Louis he sees five years of love, laughter, pain, and experience.  Harry looks at Louis and sees someone who has been forced to exist in a shell of his former self; but still has his light within his soul, even if it’s been dimmed.  Harry looks at Louis and sees bravery, strength, determination, and love.

So when Tumblr said that in 2015 Larry Stylinson was their most reblogged ship; they were right – but to write off a love such as their as no more than an unfounded fictional dream in the minds of young people is doing a great injustice to both Harry and Louis.

If the two of them are not together romantically, then fans have still seen the definition of a soulmate.  The people who fit into our lives and make us better, challenge us, complete us, and love us at our best and worst are not always partners we take to bed or stand at an altar with one day.  Sometimes soul mates come to you in the form of a best friend; and there is absolutely no denying that at the very least – Harry and Louis have set a standard that all of us hope to base our friendships and romantic relationships off of in the future.

To fans of Louis and Harry and the love that exists between them – Larry is more than just a ship on tumblr.  It’s a beautiful, strong, and inspirational bond between two people who were meant to be part of each others lives in a dramatic show of fate.  It’s the story of two people linked together before they knew of the impact they’d have on the lives of one another.  It’s the secret whispered “I love you” between two people who are constantly in the spotlight with mic’s attached to their clothes.  It’s a poignant tale of the lengths two people are willing to travel when they know that love is on the line.

Fans of Larry don’t hope to love like the one they share because it’s a perfect romance story; they hope to experience that type of love because of the fact that it’s not been perfect at all.  Louis has loved Harry when he’s been told it was wrong.  Harry has loved Louis when he was forced to be apart from him because their bond was too strong.  Louis has loved Harry in the comfort of darkness where they should have been able to spend time in the light, and Harry has loved Louis when he’s watched him sleeping and wanted nothing more than to spend the rest of his life protecting him from the inevitable pain he knew came in the morning.

There is no love story more beautiful than that. 

Written by Ashley

Writer, coffee drinker, mother.