Larry Stylinson Reborn?

Chances are if you follow any One Direction fan on Twitter or Tumblr; you’ve heard the name Larry Stylinson. Chances are even if you don’t follow any One Direction fans, or you pretend not to love them while you secretly play ‘Where Do Broken Hearts Go’ on the way to work, you’ve heard the name Larry Stylinson. We’ll humor those of you who may not be familiar though with this preface…Larry Stylinson is the greatest love story of our time, no seriously, and it’s composed of Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson.

Towards the end of 2014 Larries were given a timeline by an ‘anonymous donor’ that sort of spelled out what 2015 would look like for our fandom, and so far, it’s been right on track.

  1. January 1st – 6th: Elounor will be papped together.
  2. January 1st – 3rd: Harry will be rumored/seen with a model.
  3. March / April: Rumors of Elounor break up.
  4. May / June: Louis and Harry get close/seen together
  5. June – August: Expect many Larry articles

The small mark offs were great, the pap photos of Louis and Eleanor, Harry being seen with a model, etc but what really has the fandom alive are the recent interactions with Harry and Louis.

CAN SOMEONE SAY LAIRPORT? Yes. Okay. This one was huge! Louis and Harry have obviously traveled together during the last few years, they’re in the same band, but it’s never been something we were allowed to know about. Some people, we won’t mention any names, have done a splendid job of making it seem like Harry proper hates Louis and vice versa, and when we say splendid we mean absolutely retched but there are still some people who have bought into it like it was candy on sale.

So anyway, LAIRPORT. Harry and Louis were finally papped at an airport TOGETHER. We think Twitter was nothing more than tweets of the infamous photo followed by the crying emoji for hours. This was monumental for us, and rightfully so…but things slowed down on the Larry front after this great moment in history, that is, until lately.

We’ve seen interaction between Larry on stage, in interviews, for press…they actually get to act like they know each other. Shocking right? It’s not like they’ve been in a band together for years or anything. We’ve also seen next to you, which is important to Larries again for the memories it brings back, for the time that Harry asked Louis where he wanted to sit and he replied sweetly “Next to you”. For years the two of them were say far away from each other, stood on opposite ends of the rest of the band, but lately, next to you is alive and well, and how cute is their height difference?? swoons

The shocking thing, though, that wasn’t on that time line, or expected by any of us…was Sweden.

Now us Larries hold Sweden near and dear to our hearts anyway, it’s given us some of the cutest Larry moments of all time, but this go around, it gave us Harry dancing on stage with a flag that on one side contained the tweet all of us live by.

Yep. That’s right. The ‘Always In My Heart’ tweet by Louis Tomlinson. pulls out tissues and passes them around to the class. Louis isn’t known for being the romantic one, but this gesture defines his heart as far as we’re concerned. He took to a public platform at a very hard time for the two of them and have a reminder to not only the boy with the curls, but to all of us, that Harry was in his heart, not just now, but forever.

So seeing Harry throw this flag up over his shoulders, the words Louis wrote draped around his body, it gave Larries the life we’d been denied, the hope some of us had lost.

We were also graced with Louis in a ‘The Future Is Now’ shirt (that none of us have been able to locate online…side eying you Lou) and some sweet interaction between Louis and Harry during Little Things. When I say sweet interaction I mean Harry fonding over Louis the same way he has since he was 16.

If this wasn’t enough to cause internal combustion, we get the top secret fragrance launch and even more Larry interaction. Harry and Louis are stood next to each other as the band talked about the fragrance, Harry can be seen eying Louis in a snap chat video, Louis can be seen following Harry around in another, but the kicker here are the photos of Louis and Harry leaving together. Not only were they allowed out the same set of doors; but there are tons of fan photos from that day with ONLY Louis and Harry…meaning Liam and Niall were elsewhere, giving our Larry hearts even more palpitations.

The time line goes on to say the boys will be papped together more frequently, grow closer, there will be articles (check, check, check) and finally they will come out!

So keep your eyes peeled Larries, it’s not like we sleep anyway. A new dawn is upon us!

Written by Ashley

Writer, coffee drinker, mother.