Lauren Jauregui; More Than Just a “Girl Group Member”

Today we are talking about the amazing human that is Fifth Harmony’s Lauren Jauregui.

Lauren has already given us many reasons to love her. Her alluring voice, her sweet personality, and her killer sense of style are just a few to name off.  Lauren has also proven that she’s more than just a green-eyed beauty in some girl group and we listed the reasons why.

She protects her friends.

Mess with one of Lauren’s loved ones and she will NOT tolerate that one bit. She has made it well known that she supports positivity and love and will not put up with bullying at all. When she posted an Instagram photo of herself with her friends, some people thought it was acceptable to poke fun at their outfit choices.


She has also stood up for her band mates on multiple occasions which proves that she’s a strong woman who is not afraid to stand up for herself and others. This just highlights the type of character that Lauren has on her mission to get humanity to progress.

She’s not afraid to tell it like it is.

With that being said, she is definitely not afraid to tell it like it is and speak her mind. She knows she has a voice and she is always determined to make sure it is heard. She’s aware that her opinion might not always be the popular one or that people may or may not agree with her. Whatever she says, she always has good intentions and never means to offend . If it’s something she’s passionate about, the fear of other’s judgment isn’t going to delude her fire.

She even got questioned as to why she tweets about certain things when she’s “just a singer”.

She responds that singers are expected to be vapid and not have opinions but that is not Lauren Jauregui. Never has been, never will be. She has always been an intelligent girl and is not about to dumb herself down just because she is a singer now and “doesn’t necessarily need to be smart”. She realizes the important role she has, especially to young girls. She has a massive following count and uses her platform wisely.

Yet, if needed, she listens to feedback, accepts criticism, learns from her mistakes, & apologizes

She speaks out about social issues.

Speaking of using her platform wisely, she is one of the only young artists who actually acknowledges the social and political issues that are surrounding the world. She doesn’t just stay mute and this is EXTREMELY important. Too many of our youth are oblivious to certain issues but when they happen to log onto Twitter or Tumblr and see their favorite artist talking about it, they are sure to take notice.

She highlights the importance of educating yourself on the presidential candidates and voting to help shape a better America:


She has also spoke out about issues regarding race, police brutality, war, & gay marriage.

She’s a Feminist.

We already know that all of Fifth Harmony are self proclaimed feminists and sing girl power-anthems, but Lauren takes further action on being a true feminist.

Also, in Instagram photo she posted while she was at an art exhibit was taken down by Instagram because it didn’t meet “community guidelines”. It was an artistic photograph of the Women’s naked body. She quickly reposted it and also posted:

She calls out sexism when she sees it and promotes body positivity.

She gives advice to fans on tumblr

The platform to really get a feel of how extraordinary Lauren Jauregui truly is, is through her Tumblr. There is where she feels the most free to express herself and voice her opinions. There are way to many examples of posts she has reblogged or posted herself that showcased her brilliance for us to add on here. She also takes the liberty on answering questions from fans and giving them advice on things they may be struggling with.

We are not saying that she is perfect because no one is. She’s only human and can make mistakes and being given the responsibility of being a role model can be a huge thing to deal with. But the fact that she is so real is what makes her so relatable and easy to connect to.
So thank you Lauren Jauregui for being more than just your average young pop star and a great role model for everyone. All the love from CelebMix.

Written by CelebMix