Layke releases the perfect love letter to the LGBTQIA+ Community in her new single, “XOXO”

Alternative-pop artist Layke has released her newest single that doubles as her very own love letter to the LGBTQIA+ community. “XOXO” was co-written with multi-platinum Grammy-nominated producer, songwriter, and artist Adrian Gurvitz and Transviolet’s Sarah McTaggart, and the song sees Layke at her best: showcasing a dance-club bop-ready anthem that celebrates Layke’s own journey of finding her voice within the LGBTQIA+ community.

Further offering a glimpse into the LGBTQIA community itself, “XOXO” is not only a love letter to those who have embraced and supported Layke along the way, but also offers a visual glimpse of neon-clad aesthetics through an outstanding music video that welcomes viewers into Layke’s vivid, candy-coated world featuring a diverse group of dancers meant to mirror the dazzling celebration of acceptance associated with Pride month.

“It’s really an ode to the LGBTQIA+ community,” Layke says on the release of the song, “This song makes you wanna move, makes you wanna dance.”

The song’s strongest points are painted through its vivid lyrics like ‘prisms dripping light,’ ‘shining neon-bright,’ and ‘we make the sun come out at night.’ “It’s a true reflection of how enigmatic and beautiful each part of the community is,” Layke adds.

Expanding on the visual representation of the music video, Layke explains that the fierce choreograph is used as an entry into a vivid pastel neon rainbow candy coated world of all things fun. “You’ll see familiar faces from my previous video, ‘No One Can Stop Us,’ who each represent a different aspect of the amazingly diverse queer community,” Layke says about the video, “We wanted to really highlight the brightness and love of Pride month and encourage everyone to keep that energy and Pride going 24/7 365. This is my dance love letter to the queer community!”

“XOXO” is the third single from Layke’s upcoming album Frequency, due out for release on July 29.

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