A League of Their Own Welcomes Niall Horan, Nick Grimshaw, and Daniel Walton

ALOTO, or ‘A League of Their Own’ is a sports-based comedy game show on Sky 1 hosted by one of the funniest men of all time, James Corden.  The game show has two teams (blue and red) led each by a captain and panelists. For the blue team, the captain is Andrew Flintoff and for the red, Jamie Redknapp and since season 5, Jack Whitehall being the only regular panelist. The two teams spend the duration of the game show competing against each other in a series of physical challenges and quizzes.

On July 6th, comedian Daniel Walton began tweeting about his time on ALOTO alongside Nick Grimshaw and Niall Horan.  This news made One Direction fans very excited, who doesn’t love any chance we get to see the boys during their hiatus?

Niall has spent a lot of his time during their break so far golfing, going to sports matches, and watching games at pubs with his friends, so we’re sure whatever team he’s on is set to win! Niall has always been a massive sports fan and the kind of guy who’s likely to put back a few pints and ace some bar trivia, we can’t wait to see him on the show!

The other guests we know of so far are radio personality Nick Grimshaw and comedian Daniel Walton. Nick Grimshaw has been a pal of the lads of One Direction for a long time now so it’ll be nice to see some friendly banter between Nick and Niall as well, plus, we’re wondering how well he’ll do with sports trivia himself.  Daniel is a comedian who can be seen seasonally at Butlins and this summer with #IsItMeLive!

There’s no air date for the episode yet but as soon as the information is released we’ll be sure to let you know! Are you excited to see Niall on a game show? Betting he’ll be on the winning team? Tweet us at @CelebMix and let us know!

Written by Ashley

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