Leah Kate Returns with the Irresistibly Raw Anthem “Sh*t Show”

California based singer, songwriter, and performer Leah Kate shines with her IDGAF attitude. Her latest release is a pop-rock banger entitled “Shit Show” and the single is all about acceptance, specifically in romantic relationships.  

“Shit Show” is a vibrant upbeat track that oozes with confidence, swagger and fun. The 90s rock infused alt pop song begins with jangly guitars over driving beats and seductive vocal hooks.  Leah Kate’s ability for writing a hit song is apparent in “Shit Show” with a sing-along chorus that is irresistible and joyous. Thematically, “Shit Show” details the amazing feeling when someone you love deals with all your insanity and stays committed to you through it all. We all have weird quirks and silly behaviors that can make us a mess sometimes and Leah Kate reminds listeners that true love is all about embracing those in a partner and not trying to change them. In the accompanying visuals, the singer can be seen lightheartedly dancing in a messy bedroom complete with disco balls, an old phone, and record player showing the playful nature and meaning of the song. 

Leah Kate is a prolific songwriter releasing infectious tracks on the constant. “Shit Show” is off of her highly anticipated EP What Just Happened? out in early October. The six-track EP details the highs and lows of relationships and navigating the world as a young 20 something woman. The singer grabbed attention with her single “Fuck Up The Friendship,” which went viral in 40+ countries and lead to a partnership with Alexis Ohanian, who founded Reddit. On her music, Leah Kate confides “No matter what kind of song I’m releasing, whether it’s a disco dance pop song or just me on guitar, the lyrics have to matter and be very truthful to my life.”

Check out Leah Kate’s new single “Shit Show” and let us know what you think by tweeting @celebmix now. 




Written by LeahBlack

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