What We Learned From HomeTown’s Twitter Takeover

The boys of HomeTown took over our Twitter account earlier today to chat with their fans. With thousands of question coming their way, Dean, Dayl, Ryan, Cian, Brendan and Josh did their best to answer as many as possible. In case you missed the takeover, here are some of the things the members of HomeTown talked about:

1. Harry Styles

We would totally pick Mr. Styles as well. Good choice, Dayl!

2. Food

Also known as the second most important thing in life. After Harry Styles, of course.

3. Music

Because while we spend most of our time listening to HomeTown, the boys are aware of other artists’ existence.

4. Plans for the future

Yes, please!

5. Movies

Who doesn’t like Harry Potter? That’s the real question.

And we have to mention these cute tweets.

One thing is certain: these guys love their fans!

We thank HomeTown again for taking over our Twitter. We had a blast!

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Written by CelebMix