Learning To Drive Well: Best Car Control Skills

Driving is one of the things people learn to do in the twenty-first century. The act of driving does not have a specific meaning. Basically, driving a car has to deal with the ability to compel a car to move by mastering all the rules that pertain to the car. Driving a car does not deal with getting behind the wheels and turning on the ignition. An attempt to do this without first mastering how the brakes are applied, how the control the rate at which you accelerate or in manual cars, how to distinguish between the throttle and the clutch will definitely result in accidents, which could sometimes be fatal.

In fact, have you ever wondered for those using manual cars, why you miss the gear setting as you use gear one instead of gear two? Or why your car just turns off the ignition by itself?  It is because you are yet to get conversant with driving well and best car control skills. What then are the best car control skills a driver must have to be distinguished as a good driver? To know these things, join us on this trip of discovery in this article, and if you are in the United Kingdom or her environs, improve them by joining essential driver training lessons in Dublin.



This is the first step towards even controlling a car in the first place. In order to have the best car control skills you must first start by taking Driving lessons. These driving lessons are going to equip you with the know-how of driving. You could take the Essential Driver training lesson in Dublin in order to teach you the basics about the skills that are required to control a car. The Essential Driver training lesson in Dublin has twelve lessons of one hour each that will then enable one to be issued a license that permits one to drive.

Skill that has to do with keeping the car in a straight line when a tire blows

This car control skill essentially has to do deal with being in total control of your car and keeping the car balanced in case your tire blows out suddenly when you are on high speed. This skill seems simple but is very crucial in the instance of a circumstance like this arising. For instance, if your tire suddenly blows out while you are on a high speed and you brake instead of keeping the car on a straight line, the car will definitely somersault effect of which may turn out to be fatal.

Skill that has to deal with coping with Driving while rain is falling

This skill is also important particularly for drivers who tend not to see clearly in the rain in spite of having strong wipers on the windscreen. Their inability to see has made many of them to fall into ditches filled with water when rain is falling and consequentially die.   The truth is that when rain falls, all the oil from the tires makes the road very slippery making it difficult for thee tires to really stay on the paved road. The secret to coping while driving while rain is falling is to keep away from any large mass of water in front of you on the highway. Note that most of these large masses of water are ditches which have been covered with water. Therefore, play safe and steer clear of them.

How you wear your seatbelts

Seatbelts were not put in cars to merely beautify the; in fact some do not wear them.  By the way, this is an highway offence. They are safety measures that are put in cars to prevent being thrown out of the car violently in case of accidents, to keep hyperactive kids in check among many functions of the seatbelt. However, the seat belt has a way it is normally worn. It is advised that in connecting your seatbelt, make sure the belt is connected under your waist in order to make the heaviness of the body completely secure. Also, there mustn’t be any folds in the seatbelt and it must always be free from slack. The proper use of seat belts and other safety apparatus in cars are adequately taught in Dublin’s pretest lessons.

Skill that has to do with parking your car

Parking your car is potentially one of the easiest skills to master in car control. However, as easy as it might be, it can get really difficult when trying to park in tight spaces as anything lesser than accurate in these instances can cause a dent to your car or to others which will attract some unwarranted expenses. How then do you maneuver your car to park it well?

The way to do it is to learn and master parallel, reverse and forward parking.

Never drive when feeling dizzy

This is for those who think their bodies are machines and go through a lot of stress, do not get enough sleep and still travel! You cannot cheat nature; hence it is advised that you should never attempt to drive when you’re dizzy or not alert in any way. This is to prevent accidents and fatality. In fact, it has been discovered that one of every six drivers who had fatal accidents involved a dizzy driver. If you’re dizzy, park the car somewhere and sleep!

Skills that have to do with the proper positioning of mirrors

This skill is equally important because it helps you to see the cars coming from the front and the back. In positioning your car mirror, you will discover that when the mirror is not positioned rightly, a blind spot is going to appear which means your line of vision is going to be blocked if you continue driving with your mirror in that position. The correct positioning of side mirrors is one in which you won’t see your car in them.

In addition while adjusting your rear-view mirror; your aim must be to completely see the back of your car. To do this, you must be in your normal position while driving.

Be mindful of cars that are in your front

Cars which are in front of you or potentially higher or taller cars tend to see the road clearer than those ho are in smaller cars. One should be mindful of these types of cars because they might change lanes or turn back completely because of some mishap ahead. Be vigilant and don’t get carried away

Skills that have to deal with how you turn your car

How you turn your car matters a lot! For instance, you must not take a sharp turn when in a sharp corner. This is because another car that is not in your line of vision might be coming at a high speed which could ultimately lead to a collision of both cars. Also, it is completely ill-advised to turn the wheels before turning left; you must remain in your position. This is because if you are hit from behind by another car while turning your wheels before turning left, it could cause multiple accidents

Skills that have to do with the proper positioning of the hands on the wheels

Driving and its techniques have evolved over the years and so as the way you put your hands on the wheels too. In some years past, people who were learning how to drive were told to put their hands on some parts of the clock which did not ensure complete control of the car. However, in recent times, that has changed as the driving instructors have changed their ways and now use a better way of positioning the hands on the wheels. This has facilitated more control of the wheels and relaxedness of the muscles in order to make one a better driver. This skill is often tested in driving tests, and you can take pretest driving lessons as well as hire cars for driving tests in Dublin

Never lose concentration while driving

The worst thing that could happen to a driver is lack of concentration while driving. In the firs instance, immediately you perform any of the following functions of texting, talking, making calls and the likes while driving, you are distracted already and not aware of the happenings on the highway. This could cause an accident as you will definitely not be aware when it is time to take drastic driving decisions which may come in handy sometimes

Not only can you be distracted by food texting and the likes, you can also be distracted by not knowing exactly where you’re going. This happens to people who are going to a place they haven’t been to before. Instead of allowing this distraction to cost you more than you bargained for ask your GPS for directions. Always play safe!


Controlling cars and driving them can be very easy but very complicated without the adequate know-how. Get adequate and accurate Driving Lessons In Dublin today to equip you take on any car on any highway and drive it successfully

Written by CelebMix