What We Learnt About Riverdale Season 2 At SDCC 2017

Boy, oh boy, did we get some juicy details about season two of Riverdale at their SDCC panel! Many panels this year were incredibly secretive of their upcoming seasons, however, our Riverdale cast just seemed to be happy enough to flood the room with hints and teases and new cast members and just so much gossip! The list of stuff we found out for you guys is so incredibly long, you’re most definitely going to get excited whilst reading this.

Here is everything we learnt about Riverdale, Season Two, at the SDCC panel 2017:

Dark Archie

After witnessing his father, Fred Andrews, being shot and everything else going on in Riverdale, we will be expected to see a much darker side of Archie. We will witness the way he copes in situations and it doesn’t seem like he will be coping in a positive way.

New Reggie

In season one of Riverdale, Reggie, Archie’s biggest enemy, was played by Ross Butler. However, due to commitments with the show ’13 Reasons Why’, he will not be returning as Reggie for season two. The producers of Riverdale had to make a very hard decision of either, holding auditions for a new Reggie or removing Reggie from the story-line completely. After a long decision, they begun holding auditions in hope of finding their perfect Reggie and that happened as soon as they met, Charles Melton. KJ Apa told the panel how much him and Charles got along during the auditioning process.

22 episodes

With the first season only holding 13 episodes, Riverdale fans will now be treated to a whooping 22 episodes for season two!

Bugheads relationship will be tested

Although they weren’t too descriptive on how Bughead’s relationship would be tested, in the final episodes of season 1, you could already see the tension between the couple growing, when Jughead moved to Southside High and felt he belonged there more than his old school. Will Jughead make a new friend who conflicts his feelings towards Betty?

Jugheads Mum and Jellybean Appearance??

Throughout season one, we kept hearing so much about Jughead’s mum and Jellbybean, however, we never saw faces. The panel spoke about bringing the pair in to season 2, they just need to find the right actresses for the roles.

A better insight in to Betty and Archie’s friendship

Season 2 of Riverdale will be treating us to a much bigger bond between Betty and Archie. The connection between them in season 1 was still close enough, however, after Betty was friend-zoned, the friendship did drift. It’ll be lovely to see the pair back to being the best of friends with no awkwardness, as they’re now both in committed and happy relationships.

Hirams home

We heard so much about Hiram during season 1, yet we didn’t have a face and now we finally do! With Hiram being released from prison, he will now be making his way back in to Veronica’s and Hermione’s life. KJ Apa revealed that Archie and Hiram’s relationship is rather interesting. The actor portraying Hiram will be Mark Consuelos and by the looks of Instagram, it seems he’s fitting in with the cast perfectly!

Veronica’s New York ex boyfriend

Archie and Veronica are still in the early stages of their relationship, however, their relationship will already be facing an obstacle as Veronica’s ex boyfriend from New York will be making an appearance.

Female Jughead

During the panel, it was revealed that Vanessa Morgan is joining the cast as ‘Toni Topaz’. She will be attending Southside High, alongside Jughead and becomes the newest member of the gang (Southside Serpents), we all saw Jughead socialising with in the season one finale. Toni will become Jughead’s confidant and is known as his friendly rival. A female Jughead in the making, shall we say.

A bisexual character

Still talking about Toni Topaz, we will be exploring Toni’s sexuality in season 2. Maybe we won’t need to worry about Bughead after all!

New love interest for Kevin?

Kevin’s relationship with Joaquin hit rock bottom in season one, when Kevin found out Joaquin had been part of FP Jones’ (Bughead’s dad) gang all along, also having some part in Jason’s murder. Joaquin up and left town when he was almost busted, leaving Kevin a newly single man. There has been hints that Kevin will have a new love interest for season 2 and we hope this one will be much better than the last!

Josie and Reggie?

Not much about this was said, the actress who plays Josie teased that something might be going down with Josie and Reggie in season two. That’s all we was told!

Steamy Veronica/Archie scenes

According to the panel, there is an incredibly steamy scene between Veronica and Archie and we are so ready for it! They are most definitely the hottest couple in Riverdale, so why not show that off to the world? Bring on the steaminess!

Supernatural character

During the Q&A section of the panel, a fan brought up the fact that there are supernatural creatures in the comics; zombies and werewolf Jughead. Would they be willing to bring a Supernatural in to the TV series… They didn’t say no! They’re considering it!

Wow! So much information to take in! Are you ready for season two of Riverdale after all these juicy details? Let us know over at @CelebMix!

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