What We Learnt About Once Upon A Time Season 7 At SDCC 2017

With only 72 days to go until the new season of Once Upon A Time hits our screens, we caught up with the cast’s panel at the San Diego Comic Con to find out information on what we should be expecting for season 7.

Luckily for the Oncers, the panel was incredibly generous and gave us so many juicy details to look forward too… Here’s what we learnt from the Once Upon A Time SDCC panel.

They’re not erasing the past 6 years, just introducing new stories and characters

With the majority of the cast not returning for season 7, due to their contracts running out and not wanting to renew them, fans went a little wild about how they would be able to continue the story on. Although there are a whole new set of characters, with the added pleasure of three original characters, season 7 is not about erasing six years, it’s about creating a new adventure for Henry and exploring other fairytale towns like Storybrooke. Hook, Regina and Rumple are called back in to help Henry when he gets himself into some trouble, the other characters will still be mentioned in some way.

The new Henry will have a love story like his grandparents with Cinderella

The Once Upon a Time panel treated everybody to a sneak peek of Regina and Henry (Jared Gilmore) saying goodbye to one another, as Henry seeks off to his new adventures. Henry rides away on his motorcycle and we’re then met with the older Henry still riding the motorcycle in another realm, when he suddenly crashes into Cinderella. Whilst not much about the two have been revealed, the panel did say that they will have a look story just like Henry’s grand-parents (Snow & Charming), which is such an iconic story and we can’t wait to see if Henry and Cinderella live up to that type of love.

An LGBTQ storyline will be happening

Once Upon A Time creators have confirmed that an LGBTQ storyline will be happening in season 7, however, for the time being, we’re not sure who the story-line will be between.

Princess Tiana and Lady Tremaine (Cinderella’s wicked step-mother) will be joining Storybrooke

Once Upon A Time is always bringing in new fairytale characters to spice up the story-lines a little and this year we will be treated with Princess Tiana, played by Mekia Cox and Lady Tremaine, played by Gabrielle Anwar.

We will be introduced to a new wicked step-sister

With Cinderella becoming Henry’s true love, Cinderella will obviously become a prime story-line for season 7 and what better way to do that then bring in a wicked step-sister? Adelaide Kane will be playing the role of Drizella and the producers have described her as “super wicked”.

Old characters will still be making appearances

The original cast may have decided to say their goodbyes, but that doesn’t mean they won’t be up for a few special appearances. Jared will make an appearance as young Henry for the season 7 premiere and Jennifer Morrison (Emma Swan) has said that she will come back for at least one episode. Whether the other characters will decide to pop in for an appearance, we’ll have to wait and see!

There will be a new version of Alice in Wonderland

Once Upon A Time created a spin-off series ‘Once Upon A Time In Wonderland’ back in 2013, however it was cancelled in the space of six months after premiering its first episode. As this was the case, fans didn’t really get an insight into Alice’s story, therefore, the producers are bringing Alice in Wonderland to OUAT.

The producers joked on the panel saying “We are going meet Rose Reynolds who is going to be playing a new version of Alice in Wonderland since no one watched the spin-off.” While we’re sure that wasn’t the case at all, we’re very excited to see Rose become a part of the cast!

Watch the OUAT panel here:

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