What Is Lee Ryan’s Snapchat?

Snapchat is becoming an increasingly dominant form of social media for celebrities to connect with their fans through the use of pictures and videos that document their daily lives. But with so many of today’s celebrities using Snapchat, it can be rather difficult to find their official Snapchat handles. This is where we come in. Here at CelebMix, we have compiled a Snapchat Bible to make finding and following your favourite celebrities a lot easier.

Lee Ryan is a singer turned actor who is best known for being a member of the boy band, Blue. After selling close to fifteen million records worldwide and reaching what we like to call maximum heart-throb status, the band took a hiatus and Lee decided to try his hand at a solo career. His efforts were well received by the public and after releasing his debut solo album, he went on to become the face of Dolce & Gabbana back in 2005. Since then, Lee has been making moves in the acting world and has managed to score himself a role on the award-winning British soap, Eastenders as cockney lad Woody Woodward.

But if there’s one thing that isn’t wooden (get it?) in Lee’s life, it’s his Snapchat game. Why don’t you add him and see what we mean?

What is Lee Ryan’s Snapchat?

You can follow Lee Ryan on Snapchat using LeeRyan17.

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Written by Zoe Adams

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