Leigh-Anne Pinnock: A Kind-Hearted Goddess With A Raw Vocal Talent

Leigh-Anne Pinnock isn’t your ordinary chick. She’s in a pretty popular girl group (quite literally the biggest girl group at the moment), runs a fashion blog and possesses one of the most amazing personalities in the world.

Oh! We almost forgot – her voice, is raw and quite frankly reminds us of a dashing mix between a feisty Rihanna and an emotionally vulnerable Billie Holiday.

Over time, many critics have noticed a prominent improvement in Pinnock’s voice especially in sophomore album Salute. In song ‘Little Me’, her voice soars and shimmers brightly, hitting the songs climax point with a lengthy note [jump to 2:34 below or be like us and just listen to the whole thing – it really is a beautiful and underrated song that SHOULD HAVE gotten more attention. But that story is for another day].

Her raw moments in ‘Towers’ and ‘Secret Love Song’ (pt I and pt II) are also emotionally highlighted as critical moments to the overall lyricism of the respective songs. This is where her raw vocal delivery is seen as a reflection of Billie Holiday’s simple yet abrasive voice that can spur emotional flashbacks in an instant.

In the groups latest album, Get Weird, Leigh-Anne brings more power to the table and that power is shown especially during ‘Lightning’, a song that incorporates a haunting Latin chant. The bridge (first taken by Leigh-Anne) “lighting strikes twice, and it burns like ice” has also gained vocal similarities to vocal pop star Rihanna.

Leigh-Anne also overall has beautiful features and we could literally see her shoot for model/fashion giants such as Vogue (P.S. – she has shot with the girls for Teen Vogue though, hurray!), and even H&M!

You can check out some of her amazing looks (such as the one below) at http://www.leighloves.co.uk! If you’re ever in the need for some fashion or photo inspiration, Leigh-Anne’s fashion blog is the way to go!

Leigh-Anne Pinnock: The Most Kind-Hearted Goddess You Will Ever Meet 1And what do we have as the cherry on top as to why Leigh-Anne is a creature filled with endless energy? Well, her admirable personality!

Just like Jade, Jesy and Perrie, Leigh-Anne is looked up to by people everywhere. They aren’t just inspired by her boundless confidence, but her strong-willed nature. She’s our mini Scary Spice, but most importantly, she’s her own spice – a unique Leigh-Anne spice with many hints of love and kindness. (raw vocal talent too, duh!)

Even her lovely bandmates regard her as one of the most kindest people on the planet!  And we so very much agree.

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Written by Dannii C.

girl group advocate. latino. prospective teacher. multi-instrumentalist. self-proclaimed Twitter-ologist @oscahhhhh.