Leo Sawikin releases debut solo album, Row Me Away

Leo Sawikin is a folk-rock artist who has been catching our eyes and ears with his unique brand of mental-health inspired anthems. Now, with his first full length, Leo debuts the breadth of his writing and performance skills.

Opening with the racing ‘Born Too Late’, Sawikin makes an immediately show-stopping entrance, catching our attention with a driving double time. Rolling straight into the title track next, Sawikin is clear with his musical direction – this album cannot be confided to either folk or rock; it’s both or nothing.

This is heard in the folk-like song structures, occasionally rambling lyrical style but always with a warm heart at the centre of each track. Rock drums and guitar parts support the singer-songwriter in a full band sound, giving each song a certain heaviness that places him firmly under the ‘rock’ umbrella as well.

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Written by Emma

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