Leonardo DiCaprio’s Foundation has Awarded $20 million in Eco-grants

A-list star Leonardo DiCaprio declared on Tuesday that his foundation has given more than $20 million this year alone in eco-grants to organisations around the world.

Various organisations have benefited from his compassion for the world around us, from lion recovery, defence of indigenous rights to accessible solar energy.

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This statement comes ahead of DiCaprio’s upcoming attendance at the climate change meeting at Yale University.

The Oscar winner is spending his time there to advocate for immediate action to support the reduction of humanity’s dependence on fossil fuel over renewable energy sources.

“Our challenge is to find new ways to power our lives, employ millions of people and turn every individual into an advocate for clean air and drinkable water.”

“We must demand that politicians accept climate science and make bold commitments before it is too late,” the actor stated.

This new surge of financial contribution has amplified the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation’s donations to $80 million since 1998.

This will help world-wide associations fund their support of renewable energy, mangrove cultivation in Somalia and preventing main organisations from relying on fossil fuels.

What is more, it will also assist schemes that are dedicated to conserving the depleting wildlife and their surroundings. To be exact, they have granted about $6.4m to these particular projects.

This also includes the backing of the conservation research in the Brazilian Amazon as well as a collaboration with the indigenous Maasai population in Kenya.

Additional beneficiaries consist of California Waterkeepers who safeguard the country’s seashores and Ocean 5 who fight against unlawful fishing around the world.

Leonardo DiCaprio also gave a helping hand last week, being one of the numerous stars who answered phones for the Hand-In-Hand fundraiser to help Hurricane Harvey victims.

He was joined by fellow actor Jamie Foxx who momentarily explained what the event was for during the live operation.

“Tonight we want to help,” said DiCaprio after his charity gave $1m to the United Way Harvey Recovery Fund.

“We’re here to raise money and life some spirits. When tough times hit this is who we are … when we join together hand in hand,” declared Foxx.

“Let’s help lift victims out of the darkness,” DiCaprio said, imploring the audience to donate.

We love that Leonardo DiCaprio continues to be an inspiring, giving person and uses his fame to help others.

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