Let’s Get One Direction’s #FifthAlbumToAMillion

One Direction’s fan base continue to show how amazing they are. They’ve just started a campaign to get the boy’s fifth album to one million to copies sold in the first week, much similar to the “No Control Project” that happened earlier this year.

Two fans from Twitter, Soph and Sav, came up with the brilliant idea of getting One Direction’s first ever album as a four-piece to 1 million copies sold, after the boys dropped the bomb of the “Drag Me Down “single.

They said that the reason that they started the #FifthAlbumToAMillion because they felt like it was the most important album, since the boys obviously have a lot to prove after Zayn left the band.

“I’ve been in this fandom for four years now and I love the boys a lot. We made this project to give back to them and it will get them good recognition. We really admired the No Control project so we wanted to give it a try.” says Soph.

$550 has already been raised to gift to the fans who are less fortunate and cannot buy the album themselves. You can gift the album here, to help out.

Other ways to help with FifthToAMillion can be found on the organisers Twitter and Tumblr accounts and you can take part of the Thunderclap which has just began. Posters can also be printer off to help spread the word about in your community.

Hopefully this amazing project with work out and prove to the One Direction boys that they’ve still got all the support they used to have, and more. Get involved!

Written by CelebMix