Levi Hummon

Levi Hummon releases new single ‘Rock N Roses’

Country-pop singer Levi Hummon is back with his new single ‘Rock N Roses’.

Today he shares the brilliant news on his release with his fans on his official social media pages.

Levi told his listeners that he wrote ‘Rock N Roses’ last August while he was sadly going through a break-up, with songwriting helping him ease through it, Levi was able to open up about his relationship and make a beautiful song.

‘Cause a rock and roses
Can’t fix what is broken
Didn’t know what I was holding
Til I let you walk let you walk away’

‘Rock N Roses’ talk about the regrets and realizations you make on what you had in a wonderful relationship until it is finished. It shows how you never knew what was love until you had it, but with the pain you had in love, there will always be the strength you will find to move on and overcome the terrible breakup.

The Nashville singer-songwriter has had over 40 million streams and also has successfully made an appearance on the Top 50 Billboard Country Chart, and his not going anywhere, as he makes his mark on country music. Levi Hummon is here to stay.

‘Rock N Roses’ is available to stream and download now.

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Written by ChloeBishop