Lewis Raymond Taylor is Reinventing What it Means to be an Influencer

With the ever-changing landscape of the internet and technology comes with trends that come and go. The age of the influencer is now rapidly changing. Not only because of the recent global pandemic which put a halt to many influencers’ work given much of their work is based around remote and intrepid travel, but it is now taking a different approach whereby meaningful and ever lasting skills are learned in the area of personal development and positive empowerment.

A new trend is beginning to emerge where others can learn about the true depth and essence of who someone is, and the life skills they possess. Then they empower themselves to create change in their own lives, creating their own life transformations in the process.

Lewis Raymond Taylor is a key player in the coaching industry and is the CEO of The Coaching Masters, a multiple 7-figure online training platform and community. Lewis is a leader who is using his influence for good in changing the face of the coaching industry by re-inventing what it means to be an influencer.

The Coaching Masters is world renowned as the “Netflix of Coaching” and is providing a new way to empower coaches to build their businesses and impact people’s lives.

“The fact that our entire solution is offered online is unique. The training to become a coach, the business strategy to get clients, and the fulfilment of coaching with their clients is all done using the internet, and in the process, we are helping thousands of people create freedom by building an online business that genuinely makes an impact in the world.” Lewis shares.

The Coaching Masters creates coaches who are fast becoming the new generation of next level influencers. They are creating a vast ripple effect by leveraging their personal transformations and experiences to then go on and influence others to begin their own personal development journey. 

As an increasing percentage of millennials and now Gen-z turn toward social media to earn an income while having the freedom to design their own days, Lewis and his team are demonstrating to the world that you don’t need to be a “social media influencer” to create income online and have a positive influence on others. 

These next-level influencers aren’t just showing their extravagant carefree lifestyles on social media, but more so creating change and transformation from the inside out through building a freedom based coaching business. This way they have the ability to empower others to also think differently in how they can propel forward into change in their own lives. 

On the topic of sparking change and transformation in your own life, Lewis shares “I’m a big believer in adversity being a lesson that can be turned into an asset. Once you make the shift between ‘Why is this happening to me?’ and turn it into ‘Why is this happening for me?’ – it allows you to take control of the situation and use it to drive you forward.”

Written by CelebMix