Liam Payne and Cheryl Cole Posted Some Interesting Instagram Photos Today!

Liam Payne has been jet setting from the UK to LA and staying proper busy during One Direction’s hiatus so far.  We’ve seen him working with Juicy J on new tracks, at The Brit’s with Louis Tomlinson enjoying the award show – and a few drinks, and photographed at a few grocery shops.  It’s clear that he’s doing an ace job mixing business with pleasure!

In matters of perhaps both business and pleasure; Liam has been hanging out with friend Cheryl Cole recently – or as some tabloids assume – for months without public knowledge.  The two were interacting on the day of The Brits; with Liam voicing his excitement to see her later that evening.  From then on, it seemed like the two were spending quite a bit of time together.

There are always a lot of rumors surrounding the lads of One Direction when it comes to women.  Harry Styles said once in an interview:

‘I have a lot of friends, some of them are girls, and apparently, I’m dating all of them.’

It seems that when a woman is seen with Liam, Harry, Louis, or Niall – the romance articles pop up quickly and there’s absolutely no way these boys are capable of holding friendships with a female.  We’re rolling our eyes about how untrue that is, especially because they do a lot of respecting women and not so much dating any girl they so much as look at for three seconds.

While Liam and Cheryl have been spending some time together, fans are wondering what the sudden interest in their pairing is – especially if they’ve been close for months now.  Is it a mutual PR situation budding, a new romance, or is it that Cheryl is just a friend of the lads – one they’ve all known for years?


These photos posted on Liam and Cheryl’s Instagram profiles today were captioned with a wink emoji on Liam’s part and a few hashtags on Cheryl’s (whosthemysteryman whoisit whosworthit) with a matching wink.  Whatever the two are up to, they’re definitely playing it up for what it’s worth right now!

It’s nice to remember that while celebrities live different lives than we do in terms of career (and most frequently, fortune) they’re still normal people.  If we were dating everyone we posted photos with on Instagram, or went to the market with – we’d be in a bit of trouble personally.  Wouldn’t you?

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Written by Ashley

Writer, coffee drinker, mother.