Liam Payne and a New Attitude

Another day, another big move for the boys of One Direction.

Since the announcement of their (very normal) break at the beginning of next year it seems like the boys are trying to do more to show fans that their sense of brotherhood and commitment not only to each other but us is at an all time high.

Harry has been making fans not only incredibly happy, but giving them a sense of safety and pride in who they are with his very recent, very public show of rainbow flags and bracelets.  Louis has been more interactive with fans on twitter and taking the time to meet several fans while on his down time.  Niall has also taken to social media more while spending doing his own thing but still stopping to chat up fans when he can, and Liam has been not only focusing on his relationships with his band mates, friends, and crew members but seemingly coming into himself and his happiness looks very genuine lately.

So when news broke today that Liam would be on the cover of Attitude Magazine twitter broke out into a series of different reactions.  Most of them being full of excitement but at the same time curiosity.

We know their management team, we know that months ago any gesture made towards accepting homosexuality was done either quietly or hardly done at all, and now Liam will be allowed to not only have an interview in Attitude Magazine, but grace the cover?

On August 18th Liam made a statement during a concert that caused a fan uproar, some fans have taken to social media saying this may be a way to make up for that.  However a spokesperson for Attitude Magazine said Liam had signed up to do this before that specific show.

Which means we can focus on this being something totally positive and definitely unheard of.  This is the first time one of the boys will be on the cover of a gay magazine or have a gay press shoot.  It’s the first time they’re doing promo for their new album, and it’s the first solo shoot and interview.

These are BIG steps in a NEW direction for our boys.

It is proof that what we’ve been considering, hoping for, and discussing seems to be true…the boys are either going to have more say with their current team, or they’re in the middle of a rebrand where they’ll get a new one, a new team who truly supports them and has their best interest in mind.

Liam, we are so proud of you for taking this big step, for all the things you and the rest of the lads do to show your fans how much you love, respect, and support us.  We know you fight for us, and we hope you know we fight right back for you, for all of you.

These moments, these movements, these interviews and shoots are all ways the boys are reaching new heights, covering new ground, and stepping out to new territory.  This is their way of telling us that our journey with them is truly far from over.  This is not the end of One Direction, but with the completion of the 5th album, with their contract ending, it’s the end of the first leg of their journey.  What will come next is new beginning for what is sure to be an exciting new chapter.

We here at CelebMix can’t wait to see what the rest of 2015 holds for the boys.  We can’t wait to see them in the comfort of their own lives (as they show us via social media) during their break, but more than that, we can’t wait to see One Direction 2.0; free, grown, and ready to change the face of the music world.

Get ready everyone, this is only the beginning.

Written by Ashley

Writer, coffee drinker, mother.