Liam Payne Attends Usain Bolt Movie Premiere

Liam Payne took some time out of his busy recording schedule to see Usain Bolt’s new documentary film in London. The film, I Am Bolt, which chronicles Bolt’s journey to Rio with his epic triple win in the Olympics, premiered in Leicester Square to many lucky fans.

Liam Payne Attends Usain Bolt Movie Premiere 1

Liam looked dapper as always wearing head to toe black and his always perfect yet messy hair looked incredible. Some fans were lucky enough to say hi to Payne, a few even asked if any new music was on the horizon. He promised soon but he kept the focus on the film, tweeting earlier in the day to let everyone know where he was going. The day was about Usain and he made sure the talk of the afternoon was about his friend.

Liam the supportive and loyal pal sure brought more press to an already highly anticipated film. And us, well, we’re just extremely happy to see Liam look happy and healthy. Plus, not to be those people or anything but, how could you not love Liam in a suit?

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Written by Lauren Ann Butler

Traveler, Music Junkie, Writer, and Dreamer.