Liam Payne Confirms Sophia Smith Split

After rumors that Liam Payne and his girlfriend of two years Sophia Smith had split, Liam has finally confirmed that the rumors are true. Liam gave The Sun an exclusive interview about the break up before One Direction went on stage for their last OTRA show.

According to The Sun, Liam said: “I’m absolutely devastated to have split with Sophia. Being on the tour all this year and being away from her was so hard. We spent so much time apart. But in order to do right by somebody sometimes it’s better not to do what your heart wants, but to do what’s better for them. Right now I’m looking forward to some alone time to figure out who I am and what I want to be.”

Two weeks ago, One Direction cancelled their first concert in 5 years because Liam had came down with a sudden illness. Liam took to Twitter to say “I’m so sorry to everybody I disappointed last night. I’m feeling better now. I really hope everyone can make the rescheduled date on Friday. Thank you so much for all the trends and lovely messages you guys did for me it really shows how amazing u guys actually are. As I said I’m feeling much better now and I really can’t wait to perform and make it up to everyone later.” Maybe the sudden illness had something to do with splitting from Sophia? Who knows.

We all know that Liam and Sophia’s relationship was one of the most loved relationships that we have seen in awhile. Yes people loved them together, but in reality, they have to do what is best for themselves. We wish both Liam and Sophia the best of luck in their futures!

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Written by CelebMix