Liam Payne and his friend, Andy Samuels, dressed in their full Gryffindor get-up at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. He's a bit geeky, y'see.

Liam Payne: Harry Potter’s biggest fan?

We always knew the One Direction boys were a bunch of a geeks – they’ve long expressed their love for everything from comic-book-films to video-games – but we didn’t know quite how geeky they were until Liam Payne confessed in a recent interview that he actually went out and bought, for a rumoured six figure sum, one of the Blue Ford Anglia’s used in the making of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets to portray Arthur Weasley’s magical flying car, which was stolen by Ron Weasley to aid Harry Potter’s escape from the Dursleys.

“You know the blue car, the flying car? I bought one because I’m a bit of a geek.” he told Radio 1’s Nick Grimshaw. A bit of a geek? That’s an understatement, Liam, but we’ll let you off.

Liam has demonstrated his love for the Wizarding World several times in the past; he has paid multiple visits to the Harry Potter inspired theme park in Orlando, Florida, where he posed in full Harry Potter robes (Gryffindor, of course), with a matching Gryffindor scarf, and wielding his very own replica wand!

As well as the full Gryffindor get-up, for Liam’s 22nd Birthday earlier this year he had a Birthday cake inspired by the mega-hit Film and Book series: Four whole tiers of spell books and a Golden Snitch to top it off! The year before that his cake was Batman inspired, another step up on the geek-o-metre.

Thankfully for Liam, the online test he took (of which there is an official one made by JK Rowling and accessible through Pottermore, with hundreds of thousands more available on the internet!) confirmed that his full Gryffindor robes and scarf are not misplaced and he is, in fact, a Gryffindor after all! Typical attributes of a Gryffindor are bravery, loyalty and chivalry…character traits we’re not surprised at all that Liam possesses!

The Blue Ford Anglia is one of only Fifteen used in the films multi-million pound production, one of which can be seen at the Warner Brother’s studio tour, and another at…well, Liam Payne’s front garden, where he confessed he keeps it. Bandmate Louis Tomlinson has previously shared snaps of his life size Spiderman statue, and claims he’s got an Iron Man one to accompany it, but we were still surprised at just how geeky these boys are!

As a Harry Potter fan boy and a top-tier geek myself, the news of One Direction’s intense geekery makes me very, very jealous of the worlds biggest boy band; Us Muggles can only aspire to own a life size Spiderman statue and a The Weasley’s flying car (though I can placate myself with the fact I own the same robes, scarf and wand replica’s that Liam owns).

How is it that the more geeky these boys seem, the cooler it makes them appear?

Liam’s team has yet to comment on the matter, but we’re pretty sure that we can confirm that Liam’s Ford Anglia doesn’t actually fly.

If you could own any of of One Direction’s geeky accessories, like the statues or the car or the Batman birthday cake, what would it be? Tweet us @CelebMix, or comment on the article below!

Written by CelebMix