Liam Payne and Jason Derulo come together for “Drop the Mic” battle

Fans recently witnessed a hilarious and witty verbal feud between Liam Payne and Jason Derulo. On Tuesday, both the artists came together for an epic “Drop the Mic” battle.

The freestyle rap battle tests participants’ skill to outwit their competitors in the battle ring. The beauty of this feud lies in the fact that it does not involve fists but words. There is no physical harm but there could be a great deal of harm to one’s pride. Spectators’ jeers and cheers intensify the atmosphere which in turn adds pressure on the participants to do well.

Surprisingly, both Jason and Liam did exceptionally well. While we all know about Derulo’s rapping skill, it was fun to see Payne experimenting with the style. When he could have, Payne did not succumb to Derulo but instead played like a pro.

Dissing each other over their singles and career, the artists did not leave a chance to bring each other down. Check out the battle below:

Liam’s comeback overpowered Jason’s mockery and therefore, the “Bedroom Floor” artist was declared the winner.

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Written by Ayushi

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