Liam Payne Looks Gorgeous Talking to Paparazzi at LAX

Liam Payne was photographed at LAX on January 15th as he left sunny LA, California.  Liam had been spending time in the city working on new music products with Juicy J and a few other artists, and after seeing their photos and hearing a few sound clips, we can’t wait to hear what they were working on!

Liam took some time today to address the paparazzi as they asked him questions while he made his way through the airport.  Liam was a class act as he was patient, kind, and respectful as he spoke to the different paps who grabbed his attention.

Two of the main questions he found himself being asked had to deal with Zayn and the future of One Direction – both of these subjects have been talked about multiple times and you’d think Liam and the rest of the lads may be a bit sick of answering questions about them.  Liam however put on a big smile and satisfied not only the paparazzi, but the fans, as he took his time to respond.

Liam says that he loves Zayn and there’s no reason to replace him – he also says that he’d welcome Zayn back but that’s not something we believe Zayn or the boys see on their horizon, still, the gesture is kind.  Him speaking positively about Zayn hasn’t changed, even since his exit from One Direction which makes fans incredibly happy.  Zayn and Liam had a special connection from the beginning and it’s nice to see that they’re still okay – on whatever level that may be.

Liam then answers the inevitable questions about One Direction breaking up.  After a slew of headlines said a source revealed recently that their hiatus was no longer just a hiatus and that the boys would be disbanding – Liam says, with a smile and a snarky comment after “No.” – the boys aren’t going anywhere.  He asks if any other paps want to ask about their break up with a clever grin on his face.  Liam, as well as the rest of the lads, have come to expect that they’ll be asked this question up to the day they take the stage again; it’s nice that Liam can handle the questions with kindness instead of annoyance at the amount of times he’s still being asked.

Liam showed off his new buzz cut and hand tattoo as he walked through the airport too, and a thousand watt smile, he truly seemed like he was in great spirits.

We’re happy to see Liam doing so well, and enjoying his time off, we hope all the lads get to spend their time traveling a bit, working on new projects, and enjoying their freedom very very soon!

We’re happy to see you in such good spirits Liam – and we’re loving the new look!

Written by Ashley

Writer, coffee drinker, mother.