Liam Payne Shares ‘The Night We Met’ – A song with Hometown and Jamie Scott

The lads of One Direction are on hiatus (almost officially) but we’ve seen proof day after day that they have no plans of slowing down or stopping when it comes to their passion for music completely.

The most recent sign of this came from a tweet from Liam Payne today with a link to a song he worked on with Hometown and Jamie Scott and we can’t stop listening to it!  Although the song officially came out in October and the video was released in November – Liam’s tweet about the song definitely got the attention of his One Direction fan base, and also the fans who have been waiting to see this side of his talent that he’s keen on exploring.

The song is absolutely beautiful, the lyrics are captivating, and the music on the track is assembled perfectly – slow and quiet when it’s necessary with a build at the chorus that allows you to focus on the lyrics and also feel the extra passion from the beat at the same time.

“I wanna kiss your lips like I did back then
So take me back to the night we met
I wanna mend your heart if it’s not too late
I’m gonna say the things that I couldn’t say
And if I die tonight with nothing left
The best thing I ever had was the night we met”

Liam has voiced his desire to keep up with the song writing during his time away from One Direction and has already worked with different artists in this aspect – this isn’t a new development!  Fans however are beginning to be able to see more of what he’s capable of outside of being in One Direction – and they’re so proud.  Liam finally has a window of opportunity to be proud of the work he’s put in, and the work he will put in, and we think that’s great!

Juicy J also tweeted recently that he’s got some work coming out that includes Liam and fans went wild for that too; while the music One Direction has put out has definitely grown and matured as of late, it’s always been obvious that the boys have been interested in different styles of music that they didn’t get a chance to explore deeply during their first five years together.  The Drag Me Down Remix was a small glimpse into that; and if that’s just a taste of what we can expect from Liam and Louis and possibly even Niall and Harry during the hiatus then we’re already waiting anxiously for it.

The Night We Met is a banger! Liam and Jamie – you smashed this one!

Written by Ashley

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