Liam Payne Spotted at Rihanna Concert

With a simple, signature smile, Liam Payne managed to melt the hearts of countless fans when a video surfaced of the singer at a Rihanna concert.

A video of the audience shows Liam watching as Rihanna performs B*tch Better Have My Money. After a first glance in the direction of the camera, Liam does a double take as he notices the fan. The video ends after he serves up our favorite, crinkly-eyed smile and a nod of acknowledgment.

If his smile is too hard for you to spot, we’ve got you covered; we know from personal experience that his smile looks a little something like this.

Liam Payne Spotted at Rihanna Concert 1

Liam has been laying low for most of One Direction’s hiatus. He’s also using his time to hone his songwriting skills. Back in December, he tweeted out a link to a song by Hometown that he and Jamie Scott had worked on. It was only last week that a collab between Juicy J, Wiz Khalifa and Liam began making the rounds online. The track You gave us our first real taste of what Liam’s solo projects could sound like.

We’re glad that Liam is using his newfound free time to relax and take some time to enjoy life from the other side of the stage!

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Written by CelebMix