Liam Payne talks about his new song on BBC 1 with Nick Grimshaw

Liam Payne has finally released his highly anticipated single “Strip That Down”. For this single, Payne collaborated with Quavo.

On the day of its release, Liam joined Nick Grimshaw for an interview on BBC 1 Breakfast show and it turned out to be a fun session.

How did Strip That Down happen?

Excitedly talking about his single, Liam told how nervous he was and that the first person who got to listen to his song was Cheryl Cole. As much of a harsh critic that Cole is, she loved the song. When asked how did Strip That Down happen, Payne told how he got a call from his label asking him to return back home to record a song Ed Sheeran has written for him. He added,

”We did a quick U-turn on the world and we were booked for four hours over two days and we were finished in 30 minutes. I don’t even know what we did with the rest of the time; I think we went home early.”

Talking about Ed Sheeran

Liam shared some funny incidents with Ed and the boys including the Madison Square Garden’s instance when all Sheeran said was “Bass” during his time in the lift with 1D members. Talking about Sheeran, Liam said,

“I feel so blessed and so lucky he wanted to write a song for me. I’m humbled that he even wanted to spend his time.”

Is the album ready for release?

When asked if his first solo album is ready for the world to listen, Liam answered, “it is and isn’t”. The singer wants no stone unturned for his new album. Discussing how creative people are when it comes to “dropping their album”, Liam shared that he too does not want to release his in a conventional manner. He said,

“It’s hard these days because everyone wants to do really advanced things with their albums and how they drop them.Everyone’s got these creative, inventive ways. We’re trying to decide what our creative way of doing things is.”

Boys’ solo endeavors and the “hiatus”

Liam was in news for “dissing” One Direction in his new single. But as it turned out, that was just one of the paparazzi trick to bring the topic of 1D at the center of conversation. Liam earlier stated that he loved Niall’s “Slow Hands” and is happy for other boys doing what they like the most in terms of music but he would prefer listening Niall because that’s his kind of music.

Probably, paparazzi gave it a negative color and this comment brought Liam in a negative light. But in this interview with Grimshaw, Liam made clear that the solo music by the boys have only made him understand them better. He might have a different taste but he is happy that everyone is living their dream. Discussing the boys and the “hiatus”, Liam joked that he did not even know the meaning of the word. For him, it sounded like “a spiritual journey”.Liam said

Liam said: “It’s a scary thought going solo but it’s nice seeing people going out and living out their own little musical dream,” he said. “It’s beautiful.”

He added,

“I feel like I understand more about each of them now, having watched how everything exploded afterwards, how certain people said they didn’t want certain songs on different albums, songs that they felt really passionately about and it has shown me a lot more about the other boys.”

Payne Chain

When Niall came for the BBC 1 interview, Liam Payne’s chain became the hot topic of discussion. Grimshaw expressed his desire to wear it. Finally, the topic came up again in this interview. Liam told,

“I was making hip-hop-y music and was getting inspired by it so I went out and bought a big gold chain”.

Grimshaw finally got a chance to wear it and he found it “sick” and “to the next level”. Wish fulfilled, we guess!

Check out the full interview below:

Payne’s new single has got a positive response from fans. During the interview he revealed that the next single might be “Bedroom Floor” and we can’t wait for it. If you still haven’t listened to “Strip That Down”, check it out below:

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