Liam Payne’s Most Relatable Tweets

Liam Payne is a man of many words, and when he decides to tweet his thoughts they usually make a lot of fans either laugh, cry or just sigh because he’s a lovely person. He also has a very amusing habit of tweeting thoughts that almost everyone can relate to, and they usually have the majority of the fandom in fits of laughter. Here’s our top five:

5. The Lovely Liam Payne's Most Relatable Tweets 1The literal thoughts of a fan almost every day in the One Direction fandom – when they’re busy on tour or doing promo, or even when the boys haven’t been up to much.

4. The Lovely Liam Payne's Most Relatable Tweets 1

When your inner Liam Payne comes out to haunt you about your weight and bad eating habits, only to remind you that you need to make fun of yourself in order to prevent hysterical crying. The solution is simple: comfort eating at McDonalds. Works every time.

3. The Lovely Liam Payne's Most Relatable Tweets 2

The struggle is just unbearable. The effort, the pain of walking up those dreaded stairs to get something…we feel you Payno, we really do. Awful, it really is just awful.

2. The Lovely Liam Payne's Most Relatable Tweets 3

Bringing back the time when Liam turned into Mrs Horan and gave us all a lot of joy for #BeAFanDay. This may be Liam Payne’s relatable tweet of all time for Niall girls especially or just anyone in general, because who doesn’t want this to happen to them???

1. The Lovely Liam Payne's Most Relatable Tweets 4

And in first place, Liam here realises the true struggle of being a One Direction fan and how you have been sleep deprived for the last five years in order not to miss anything, for example a single being dropped in the middle of the night. Thanks for that 1D.

So, the real Liam Payne or relatable tweets account? I guess we’ll never know. Drop us a tweet @CelebMix or comment down below which one of Liam’s relatable tweets is your favourite!

Written by Sureya Ali

Hi! I'm a 16 year old boy band enthusiast with a passion for writing, music and fashion :)