Here’s what we Thought of Liam’s Live YouTube and Video Premiere – with Some of Your Opinions, too

It’s been almost a week since Liam Payne debuted his ‘Strip That Down’ music video and just before that, took on YouTube for an intimate Q & A session with fans. While the session happened in London and New York, it was broadcasted live for the global audience on Payne’s channel.

For this session, Payne was joined by Marvin Humes and Mitch who hosted the event in London and New York respectively.

The session comprised of a range of questions and Payne took the time to answer each of his fan’s question.

Solo Career

When asked about the response he has got till now for the single, paying gratitude to his fans, Liam said that he is just trying to “enjoy the moment”.

That Lyric

He also talked about the particular lyric from the song that grabbed everyone’s attention:

“I used to be in 1D, now I am free”.

Talking about the line, he said the line is more about himself as a musician who during hiatus got some time to “explore new music”, something he and the boys have been wanting to do.

Dance Moves and Video Shoot

A fan asked how was singer’s experience of shooting a solo video and Payne answered that it was like giving more time to one’s self. He shared his experience with Quavo and jokingly said that they would have shot the video quicker had Quavo been on time. Payne shared that he “had a lot of fun with Quavo” and it was a good experience.

Liam Payne “The Career Adviser”

During the session, there was a moment where Payne turned into a career adviser. When asked what advice he would give to people embarking on a musical journey, he said, “Be confident and enjoy yourself…or audition for the X Factor”.

Strip That Down Release

At the end of the Q & A session, Payne released the music video of “Strip That Down”. The music video is lit and we got to see some dance moves from Payne.

We gathered up some of best reactions of the fans over single’s release. Check them out below:

The smile everyone can swoon over

1D was there, you didn’t notice

Two seconds make all the difference

He does it in style

We’re dead

The session ended on a positive note. Payne’s video has got an amazing response, and we see that continuing.

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