Lights Covers Drake’s “Scorpion” B-Sides

It’s been a little over two weeks since the release of Drake’s Scorpion album, and we’re still vibing to the tracks – all 25 of them. Featured on our list of albums to hear in June 2018, the streams have been skyrocketing since its release. Countless covers have been uploaded, theories about the source of some songs have been made and the world is still riding the Drake wave. Recently, fellow Canadian artist Lights covered Drake’s entire B-Side of his album, and it’s the angle we never thought we needed until we got it.

If you thought Drake lyrics alone had you deep in your thoughts (or in your feelings), this version of the B-Sides takes that to another level. Taking a mostly acoustic, stripped down approach to the Scorpion B-Sides, she brings out a more intimate side of these tracks. Keeping it simple, the focus stays on the lyrics with ethereal vocals that bring listeners to another dimension and state of mind.

So settle in, relax, and give the Scorpion covers a listen down below!

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Written by Kath Jiang

Western University grad, music lover, and pizza enthusiast from Toronto.

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