LIGHTSUM Stun With Performance of ‘Alive’ on KBS World TV

Lightsum stunned with their ‘Alive’ performance on KBS World TV. The group lived up to their name and shone so bright with their energetic performance of the track from their new mini-album.

LIGHTSUM performed the track on the ‘Music Bank’ show that broadcasts every Friday on the KBS World TV YouTube channel. In which, they were part of the exceptional lineup of KPOP artists for this week.

The performance had school style vibes. Which fits with the concept of their most recent comeback. In which, the group wore light blue denim in the performance. The dance choreography had an upbeat and energetic vibe that screams positivity and light.


LIGHTSUM have currently been promoting their recent comeback on May 24th. Which comes 7 months after the release of their debut track ‘Vanilla’, which set the highest initial sales for rookie girl groups in 2021. This led to them ranking 8th on the Billboard World Digital Sales charts. Which is an amazing feat for a KPOP group in their rookie stage.

As mentioned, LIGHTSUM in recent weeks made their comeback with their first mini album called ‘Into the Light’. In which the track they performed on KBS World TV ‘Alive’, is the title track for their new mini-album. The title track was written and produced by GALACTIKA * and team Galactika *.

The mini-album consists of 5 tracks. In which the b-side tracks on the album consist of a mix of genres including R&B and Alternative Pop. We definately are loving the concept of the mini-album. 

We can not wait to see what is next from LIGHTSUM in future comebacks. They have definately provided use with a mini-album that has enabled them to demonstrate their versatility not only as musicians but also as performers. We think it is certainly important to have a good level of versatility in the every changing music industry scene as a while.

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Written by Emily Severn

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