Lillimure Releases "WDYTM"

Lillimure Releases “WDYTM”

Lillimure is a 19-year-old alternative folk/soul pop singer and songwriter from Westchester, New York. At such a young age, her music already creates an intimate vibe with her and fans. All of her music is about what she has been through so far in her life, which hopefully people of all ages can relate to. Her newest single, “WDYTM,” is an example of that, because it’s extremely relatable for a big group of people.

Have you ever been in denial that someone just isn’t right for you? They’re toxic, but you find any excuse to keep them in your life because deep down inside, part of you still loves them?

Well according to Lillimure, “”WDYTM” stands for “Why do you tease me” and it’s about the realization that someone you used to idealize is not all that they seem to be. It’s about growing from disappointments and learning to let things happen in their own time.”

With lyrics like, “I should stop the excuses / But it breaks my heart / I was hoping / But you never proved me wrong,” and “Is it to tell me you love me? / Is it to say you’re full of it,” Lillimure is explaining the feeling of not wanting to admit that someone is bad for you.

With strong lyrics and soulful voice, this girl is definitely worth listening to. We wish we could have wrote songs at such a young age like she can, or honesty, wish we could even now.

If you love artists like Halsey, Melanie Martinez, Billie Eilish, and/or Lana Del Ray, we feel like you’ll love Lillimure!

“This single is a taste of an album that I plan on releasing in June. I’m very exited about my new material because I truly feel that it represents me and where I am now,” says Lillimure. So be sure to stay connected with her on social media so you don’t miss a thing! All of her social links can be found at the end of this article.

You can listen to all her past music HERE

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