Lilly Singh Collaborates With Dwayne Johnson On YouTube

Since the beginning of her channel, Lilly has always mentioned her love for Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. She said that she had posters of him in her room and she loved watching him wrestle on WWE. Lilly first met Dwayne last year in 2015, at the MTV Movie Awards. Since then, the two have become friends. Lilly even attended the premiere of Dwayne’s movie, Central Intelligence.

Now, Lilly has collaborated with Dwayne Johnson on YouTube! If you are part of Team Super, you will know what a huge deal this is for Lilly! Dwayne has actually joined the YouTube family and has started his own channel.

On Lilly’s channel, she filmed a video teaching Dwayne “How To Be A YouTube Star.” Lilly and Dwayne tease fans by almost kissing!

Lilly’s Video

Lilly and Dwayne also filmed a video for Dwayne’s new YouTube channel. In the video, Lilly takes Dwayne on a tour of the YouTube Factory-where viral videos are filmed. Several YouTubers make guest appearances!

Dwayne’s Video


Some of Lilly Singh’s tweets:

Pictures of the collaboration

Lilly Singh Collaborates With Dwayne Johnson 1

Lilly Singh Collaborates With Dwayne Johnson 2


We are proud of Lilly Singh for accomplishing her dream of collaborating with Dwayne Johnson! We would also like to welcome Dwayne to the YouTube family!

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Written by Michele Mendez

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