Lily Allen opens up about seven-year stalking ordeal

L8 CMMR Lily Allen has opened up about her seven-year stalking ordeal which left her “a changed person”.

In an exclusive chat with The Guardian and The Observer, Lily says she is waiting in limbo for the sentencing of her stalker Alex Gray, who threatened to kill her.

Lily’s stalking began with a bombardment of abusive letters and tweets. Gray created a Twitter handle @lilyallenRIP in 2009, which he used to claim that he was the original writer of her hit single The Fear.

The man then turned up at her studio, before breaking into her bedroom while her children were in the house.

Speaking of the ordeal, Lily said: “It was freaking me out a bit and I’m not easily scared, so the fact I went to the police with the letters shows how serious I felt it was. Alarm bells were ringing. But I felt comforted by the fact that I was telling the police, I was keeping a record.”

Lily has now hit out at police, claiming she was made to feel a “nuisance not a victim” after reporting the incident.

She told The Observer that she thought the police only paid real interest when her stalker stole her handbag, saying: “This was something that started in 2009 with a tweet and ended in 2015 with him in my house and, I believe, with a weapon.

“I’m lucky in that I had the money and the motivation to take action myself. I want answers from the police. If they treat me like this, how the hell are they going to treat everyone else?”

You can read Lily’s full interview on The Guardian website.

If you have been affected by anything in this story, the National Stalking Helpline can help.

Written by CelebMix