Lily Singh-A Trip To Unicorn Island

        Lilly Singh, better known by her YouTube username iiSuperwomanii , is an Indian-Canadian YouTube personality, vlogger, comedian, rapper, actress, and motivational speaker who has accomplished a load full in her past years. Lily spent thousands of money on tuition, graduated and got a degree. She makes video’s now who inspire and motivate people around the world.

      Lily recently won a Shorty Award for ‘YouTube Comedian’ and a teen choice award for ‘Choice YouTuber’ if that’s not enough Lily recently launched a couple more tour dates to her outstanding unicorn Island world tour. According to fan’s on twitter they absolutely adore Lily’s tour and have so much fun at the venue’s, what stood out the most though is how much time Lily Singh takes to adore and speak with her fans at all the venue’s and almost everyone who met Lily said she was so inspirational and outgoing. They all wished they could be best friends with Lily, besides who wouldn’t want to be friends with a super awesome-sauce unicorn girl?

          Lily Singh continues to inspire, motivate, help, and give to people all around her as she continues her world tour ‘A Trip To Unicorn Island.’ If you want to go and see Lily Singh in action then we suggest you purchase your tickets fast because Lily’s one popular unicorn around the world who’s willing to exceed the greatest for all you fan’s out there. Get your tickets here before they run out !!

                  We wish you the best of luck on tour Lily Singh and many more to come! We love you and keep doing what your doing Lily because you rock at it!<3

Written by CelebMix