Limited Edition One Direction Tees Available for Preorder

The One Direction boys are still full on enjoying their hiatus and trying their hands at new projects while fans are showing them the upmost support; truly embracing that whole “the greatest team that the world has ever seen” relationship. In the same breath, the boys are definitely missed and the lack of a One Direction tour, as well as new singles and videos from the lads, have really left a noticeable absence within their fan base.

Today fans did get something new from One Direction and while it wasn’t a single or a tour announcement – we’re sad about it too – it did come in the form of four new limited edition shirts.

Limited Edition One Direction Tees Available for Preorder 5

The splatter style tees show the boys in a bit of an abstract way with their names printed alongside the photos and they look pretty cool. They’re available for preorder now and they’re not guaranteed to be around long so to make sure you get yours; head to their website and secure them today.

If you need an excuse to justify buying one, or all four, the holidays are right around the corner and that’s reason enough. Plus, when it comes to One Direction merch, can one really ever have enough?

Written by Ashley

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