Lindsay Lohan goes back to her “Parent Trap” days in new Dubsmash clip!

It seems that Lindsay Lohan has been reliving her glory days in this recent clip she posted on her Instagram.

Lindsay Lohan goes back to her "Parent Trap" days in new Dubsmash clip! 2

The previously troubled actress paid homage to one of her best movies, The Parent Trap, on Dubsmash and made all of our hearts very happy.

Let’s throwback to 1998 at Camp Walden, where the twins, Annie James and Hallie Parker would meet and learn about their parents past. At first, as we all know, the girls weren’t on very good terms, and basically pranked each other over and over in order to prove who was the best. But it wasn’t until the girls found the bond that was that they both enjoyed the Oreo and peanut butter combination, that the two made the revelation that they were identical.. A revelation that took too long to make to be honest, I mean, how can you not notice that you have the same face as another person?

“Actually, we’re all quite fine in here, unless Hallie Parker knows something we don’t know,” the 29 actress’ character Annie says in the movie, which Lohan now mimes in her Instagram Dubsmash post. This line is said to the Marvas after Annie had realised that her entire cabin had been boobie trapped by her twin sister.

Yesterday also brought Li-Lo to share a photo of herself, circa 1998 as Annie, wearing her famous brown plait suit costume from the movie. “Happy #St.PatricksDayReds May your blessings out number the shamrocks that grow. And may trouble avoid you wherever you go,” she wrote with the precious picture.

The actress, known for her struggles with an alcohol and drug addiction, uploaded the photos from the Alps so even whilst on holiday, she was able to share happy memories showing her new, improved, happy attitude. The Mean Girls star also recently showed her change in life as she revealed to The Sun about how London has helped her turn her life around, saying that “all toxic forces” have been removed from her life.

Lindsay Lohan goes back to her "Parent Trap" days in new Dubsmash clip! 3

It’s wonderful to see how great she is doing and if she’s happy, then so are we! But.. here’s hoping that the next video she posts is bringing back her ever so brilliant handshake with Martin.

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Written by Zara Gibson